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Chapter 107. Replace a Company Membership


The Replace a Company Membership tool is used to replace a current or pending individual membership with a different type of membership. "Replacement" is the term Kavi Members uses to describe any type of membership change, including a change that might be referred to as an upgrade, downgrade or transfer. An option is provided to manually set the start and expiration dates for the replacement membership.

Members can always choose to upgrade or downgrade their membership level when they renew an expiring membership. But when a current membership needs to be changed to a different type in the middle of the membership term, or a pending membership needs to be changed to a different type before it becomes current, administrators need to use this tool to replace the membership so that the accuracy and continuity of the membership history is retained.

  1. When a current membership is replaced, the old membership is archived as the replacement membership goes current. The membership history records the relationship between the old and new memberships as a replacement. The membership term dates for the old membership are edited to show the actual end date, and the start date of the new membership is set to the day after the end date of the old membership.

  2. When a pending membership is replaced, the old membership record is simply deleted. The membership history records the relationship between the current membership and replacement membership as a renewed membership. The membership terms are unaffected by the replacement.

  3. If a billed membership is replaced partway through the current term, the fees must be set manually. If Kavi® Billing is installed, you will be provided with data that includes calculations of what portion of a membership has elapsed and prorated fees based on the percentage of the term remaining for the replacement membership. This data may be of use in determining the fee for the replacement membership(s), but organization rules vary.

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How to Replace a Company Membership

Depending on the path you took to this tool, you may have already performed the Search and Select steps. For tips on searching, see the page help for the Manage a Company tool.


The company's name and information about the existing membership are displayed for you to review. If this is the membership you wish to replace, select the membership type for the replacement. The default start and expiration dates are displayed, and you may reset these dates if you wish. When you have selected the replacement membership and the start and expiration dates are set to your satisfaction, click Next.

Membership to Replace

Old Membership Fields Description
Membership Type The name of this membership type.
Term The term of this membership, as defined by the date the membership became effective (i.e., 'Start Date') and the date it expires (i.e., 'End Date'). If this is a lifetime membership, the second value in the pair will be 'Lifetime', rather than a specific date
State The state of this membership in the membership workflow process (e.g., 'current', 'archived', 'pending moderation', etc.).
Creation Date The date that the membership was added in Kavi Members.

If the membership being replaced is a billed membership type, this field displays the status of the bill for the old membership, the amount of the bill, the portion of the membership term that has already elapsed and a link to manage the bill.

If you need to refund any part of this bill, click the Manage link to go to the Manage a Bill tool. The Manage a Bill tool displays information that may help you determine the amount to refund, but you have to determine the correct amount according to the membership rules. When you are done managing the bill through Kavi Billing tools, you are automatically returned to Replace a Company Membership to complete the replacement process.

Replacement Membership

Select the new membership type. You may set the renewal intentions for this membership if they are known at this time.

Replacement Membership Fields Description
Select Select the membership type for the replacement membership.
Renewal Intention

If this membership has not yet been renewed, set this option to indicate whether the company intends to renew their membership. Use the pulldown list in the 'Renewal Intention' field and select the appropriate value (e.g., 'Undeclared', 'Intending to renew', 'Not intending to renew').

Scheduled email renewal reminders are NOT sent out if this field shows the member does not intend to renew.

Comment About Renewal

Use this field to add information such as a member's intention to upgrade at renewal time, who to contact if the member is undecided or an explanation of why a member has elected not to renew. This comment is displayed when viewing the member's renewal intentions.

The renewal comments should not be confused with the Activity Notes field. Information in the Comment About Renewal field is stored with the record of this particular membership, rather than the member's activity history. Information in the Comment About Renewal field can be edited whenever the membership is managed, whereas Activity Notes cannot be edited and are a permanent part of this member's record.


View the Start Date and Expiration Date that would be set by default, and reset them as appropriate. When you are satisfied with your settings, click Next.

Term Options Description
Start Date

If you are replacing a current membership, the Start Date field displays the current date by default. If the replacement membership should not start today, set the start date to the appropriate date (must be in the future).

If you are replacing a pending membership and want the start date to be set automatically when the new membership is approved and any current membership expires, leave the start date blank. If you want to manually override whatever value would normally have been set automatically, regardless of the membership process, set the start date to the desired date (must be in the future).

Expiration Date If the system is able to calculate an end date for the new membership, that value is shown in the 'Expiration Date' field. If you override the Start Date, you may also wish to override the Expiration Date. If a pending membership is being replaced, this value is set automatically based on configured membership rules.


Information about the replacement (new) membership is displayed along with information about the membership to replace (old membership). Use the available options to configure the membership process, including any moderation or billing steps. If this is a billed membership, be sure to set the Amount to Bill. You may opt to add an Activity Note, which becomes a permanent record in this user's Activity History. When you are satisfied with your settings, click save to initiate the membership replacement process.

If this membership type is neither billed or moderated, the membership is approved automatically.

Approve Membership

If the new membership type is moderated, set whether it goes to the moderation queue or not. Click 'Yes' if you want to approve the membership now and bypass the moderation queue. Click 'No' if you want the membership to go through the usual moderation process.


Billing Options Description
Billing Select the billing process. You will set the amount of the bill in the Amount to Bill field.
Amount to Bill You must enter the amount of the bill for the replacement (new) membership here. The text above this field displays a prorated value based on the number of days remaining in the new membership term. As an administrator, you should double check to be sure the suggested value is correct in view of your organization's rules, including the proration schedule (e.g., daily proration, monthly proration), any administrative fees that apply, etc.
Activity Note Add an Activity Note to this user's record for future reference. Once created, these notes cannot be edited, so they become a part of the User Activity History, which is only viewable through Admin Area Tools and Report Area Tools.

Send Email

This page displays all the email scheduled to go out for the actions you've just performed.

Email will NOT go out unless you set the 'Send Email' option to 'Yes'. Enable any messages that you do want to go out. You may edit these messages if desired. Membership email is sent out when the membership goes current.


This individual membership has been replaced! The replacement membership may be current, or in a pending state. When the replacement membership goes current, the old membership is archived. If the old membership was still in a pending state, it was deleted.

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