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Chapter 165. Report Builder


Use the Report Builder tool to view, create and test your organization's reports. Information about each report is displayed, including the Report Type on which the report is based. There is a default report based on each available Report Type. Default reports cannot be deleted or edited, but they can be deactivated if they are not needed or cloned to create custom reports. Inactive reports are displayed in the Report Builder, but they are not available in the Reports Area.

Once a report has been added and activated, it immediately becomes available in the Reports Area where Report Admins and higher-level admins such as Organization Admins and Super Admins can use it to run reports. See the Run a Report tool page help for more information on using reports created through the Report Builder tool.

Report Types

Underlying each report is a Report Type that is calibrated to return the broadest possible set of data fields related to a specific topic. You may narrow the set of fields available in your report (to streamline use and improve performance), but you cannot add more fields. For more information, see Kavi Members Report Types.


Membership-related Report Types and fields are only displayed if the membership feature is enabled for the site.

Use the Report Builder tool to:

  • View, manage and run available reports.

  • Access the Add a Report tool to create a custom report.

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How to Use the Report Builder

All existing reports are displayed. Click the 'Manage' link adjacent to any report you'd like to manage, view in detail, activate or deactivate, clone or edit. Click the 'Run' link to run the report or click the 'Add a New Report' link if you want to create a new report from scratch.


If you want to create a new report based on an existing report, use the 'Manage' link rather than the 'Add a New Report' link. Once you're on the Manage a Report page, click the 'Clone' link to gain access to the Clone a Report tool.



The name of the report.


A brief textual description of the report.


The Kavi Members Report Type on which this report is based. The Report Type determines which database tables are queried and which fields are available in the report. For more information, see Kavi Members Report Types.

Default or Custom

Indicates whether this is a default Kavi Members report or a custom report created specifically for your organization. Default reports cannot be edited or deleted, but they can be deactivated.


This is either 'Active' or 'Inactive'. If 'Active', the Report is available to administrators in the Report Area. If 'Inactive', the Report is unavailable in the Reports Area and cannot be used to run reports. When a report is inactive, the 'Run' button isn't displayed.


Click a link if you want to run or manage a report. From the Manage a Report tool you can view the report in detail, and access tools to activate or deactivate, clone or edit this report.

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