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Chapter 43. Reset Password

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How to Reset Your Password

How to Reset Your Password

If you forget your password and click the Password Help link on the login page, the Reset Password tool is displayed. You must enter your primary email address (the main email address for your account). If you have forgotten which address is listed as your primary email address, or if you need to use a different email address, contact support for assistance (a link may be available on the form).

To get a login link, simply enter your primary email address in the text box and press Send New Login Link. An email containing a login link is immediately sent to your primary email address.

If you enter an incorrect email address, an error message may be displayed, but some organizations refrain from displaying this error as a security precaution.

Check your email for further information and instructions. When you get the email, click the link provided in the email to be taken to a page where you can reset your password. Once you've created a new password, you can use it to log into your organization's website.

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