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Chapter 96. Send Simple Email


Use the Send Simple Email tool when you want to send an email from the administrative alias to a mailing list or paste in a batch of recipients. For example, you can use the report builder to identify the people you want to send to, then paste this list of email addresses into the To field text box. Your message can include an attachment if desired.Your message can include an attachment if desired.

Since the email originates from your website, the sender domain matches the domain in the 'From' field, which helps keep your message from running afoul of spam filters. Also, the administrative alias is commonly subscribed as a mailing list moderator, so messages sent from this tool are always accepted and may be posted directly to the list (or sent for moderation, depending on the mailing list's posting rules).

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How to Send Simple Email

Set the recipients and enter your message. You may add an attachment, but if the attachment or the number of recipients is large, it might be better to post the document in a group document repository and paste in a link to the latest version.


A message posted to a mailing list displays the list address in the To field when the message is opened by a mailing list subscriber. A message that is sent to one or more email addresses displays these email address in the To field, so these email addresses are exposed to other recipients.

Field Description
From The from field is prefilled with the administrative alias for your website, in the format 'admin@your_domain.org'. You may edit this as desired, but it's best to use an email address with your website's domain to avoid having the message classified as spam by the recipients spam-detection software.
To: Mailing List

You may select one or more mailing lists if desired. To select multiple mailing lists from the drop-down list, hold down the shift or control keys while making your selections. The shift key selects a range, the control key allows you to select several non-contiguous mailing lists. When you send a message to a mailing list, the name of the mailing list appears in the To field when viewed by recipients.

If you send a message from the admin alias and select a list where all posts are moderated (e.g., lists based on the 'Announce-Only' or 'Moderated Public Discussion' List Types), a moderation request is sent to the admin alias and distributed to everyone on this alias. Someone on the admin alias must approve this message before it will be posted to this mailing list.

To Type or paste in recipient email addresses if desired. Use commas to separate addresses. Remember that these email addresses are exposed to everyone who receives this email.
Cc Type or paste in recipient email addresses if desired. Use commas to separate addresses.
Subject The text that will appear on the Subject line of the email. The Subject of an email is the first thing the recipient reads, so the subject should be clear, direct, and as specific as possible to explain why the recipient should read this message.
Body The body of the email message. Type or paste your message into the text box. Text can be formatted using spaces and line breaks, but HTML formatting is not allowed. Plain text messages are required to ensure the security of mail sent from Kavi Members.
File Attachment You may add an attachment if desired, but be sure you consider the impact this will have on the mail queue and other system resources. It's usually better post the file in a group document repository, then copy the link to the latest version of the file and paste it into your email.
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