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Chapter 97. Send Template Blast to Users


Use the Send Template Blast to send customized template-based email messages to selected users. A variety of search options are available to help you retrieve just the users you want to select — or you can enter the name or email address if you want to send a template-based message to one specific user. If your search retrieves multiple users, you can opt send the message to every user retrieved by the search, or select specific users from the list. You may respect the user's email preferences if the message is optional, or ignore this setting if the message is important.

Template-based email provides boilerplate messages with embedded variables populated from the database whenever a message is generated. For example, '$c_name' or '$u_name' are replaced with the company name and user name, and other variables supply personal login links, links to the Membership Status page, etc. There are a number of template variables, including variables for data fields that are unique to your website.

You may choose to type additional text into the body of the message if desired. This text appears in all the messages generated through this template blast, but does not affect the boilerplate in the template. If you want to change the template itself, this option is also available. The email templates available through this tool are designed for users, as opposed to companies. If you want to filter by Company Type, Company Membership Type or send a message based on a company template, use the Send Template Blast to Company Representatives tool.

When to use Template Blast for Users (versus Template Blast for Company Representatives)

  • To send template-based email to a specific person

  • To send a user email template

  • To send links to User Tools, such as login links

  • If you want to include user variables as well as company variables

  • To reference an individual membership


Organization Admins can set a good example for other site users by placing attachments in a group document repository, then sending a link to the latest version of the file, rather than sending attachments. This practice minimizes the drain that large mailings can place on system resources, and is easier on users whose mailboxes are nearing capacity.

If you are considering whether to send out an attachment, remember that the amount of system resources consumed by the mailing is based on the size of the attached file times the number of recipients to which the message is addressed. Large volume mailings can clog the email queue and slow the delivery of all mail moving through your website, and can drain system resources to the point where your members experience site slowness.

If you must send a large attachment on occasion — preferably to a very small number of users — keep the file size under half a MB (approximately 50 KB), since this is a common file size limit for firewalls. Messages that bounce when they encounter a full mailbox or exceed the maximum accepted by the recipient's server put additional strain on your system as your mail server processes each return, and attempts to resend those messages without fatal errors (e.g., those that returned mailbox full errors).

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How to Send a Template Blast to Users


Use the available options to set your search criteria, then click Search. If you search by more than one field, such as 'Current Status' and 'Company Type', the results only list users that meet all search criteria. Leave all fields blank only if you want to retrieve every user in the database.

Select multiple types individually by holding down the Control ('Ctrl' key; Linux, PC) or Command (Mac) key while using the mouse to select types from the pulldown list, or select a group of multiple types by holding down the Shift key while selecting with the mouse.

You may enter full or partial text in the search fields. For example, entering a first name of 'jo' into the search field will match first names of 'Billy-Joe' and 'Joelene' as well as 'Jo'.

Users have the choice of declining to receive email and can submit this choice when they signup. If you opt to respect this preference, only the users who wish to receive organization email are retrieved during the search.


Review the list of users retrieved by the search. The total number of users retrieved in the search is displayed at the top of the page. If the number of users is large, you may not see all users on this page. Your email message will be sent to all selected users. If you only want to send the message to some of these users, click checkboxes or click the Check All or Clear All options until only the users you want are selected.

If the search didn't retrieve the right set of users and you need to refine your search criteria and try again, click Back. To narrow your results, enter a more complete set of search criteria. If the results were already too narrow, omit the criteria that restricted your results unnecessarily.

When you are satisfied with your list of recipients, click Select and proceed to the next step to compose your message.


The number of users that were selected on the last step is displayed. The default template is preselected, but you may select a different template from the drop-down list of user email templates and clicking the Change Template button.

Fields from the selected template are displayed. Many of these fields are editable, so you can edit the From, CC, Subject and Body of the message. and many are .created to exchange information about user-related events, then customize the template details and message.


Edits made to in the fields displayed on this page are used only for the specific email that you are about to send. These edits are not saved in the email template. If you want to permanently edit an email template and are a Super Admin, use the Edit an Email Template tool in the Super Admin Area.


A default user email template is preselected. If you would like to use a different template, use the drop-down list to select a new template, then click 'Change Template'.


This field displays the number of recipients you selected.


By default, this is the site's administrative email address. You may edit this field.


Any addresses in this field will receive a copy of every single message that is sent out.If you sent your message to a hundred recipients, you will receive a hundred Ccs. Since you will automatically receive a confirmation email at the From address when all messages have been sent there is little need to use the Cc field. For more information, see Don't Use the Cc Field Until You Read This! in the Concepts document Using Website Tools to Send Email Manually.


This is prepopulated with the subject set in the email template. Edit the subject field if you want to distinguish your message when viewed in a mailbox or mailing list. Keep the subject line short and concise, briefly summing up the purpose of the message for the recipient.


This is prepopulated with the message set in the email template. You may edit the text of this message and use any of the variables listed in the 'Variables' section at the bottom of the page.

File Attachment

If you want to attach a file, enter the URL or press Browse to navigate to the file.


Sending large attachments, or sending attachments to a large number of recipients, can significantly slow site performance. To minimize the drain on site resources, upload the file to your website document repository, and send a link to the latest version so recipients can download the document at their leisure.


A list of all variables that are available for this template. These variables are replaced with actual values from the database when the message is sent. If you add an extra message in the Body field, you can include any of these variables. These variables are displayed as rendered data on the Preview step, so you can review the way that the data might look when your message goes out. If you see anything that you want to change after previewing the message, use the Back button to return to the Edit step.


The preview displays the way that your message will look when it is sent out. The variables are replaced with values taken from a recipient's account. If you want to see how the message would look if sent to another user, press the Preview Another button. If you wish, you can click this button repeatedly to cycle through the entire set of messages. If you want to make changes to this message, click Back. If you are satisfied with this message, click Send Email.


You have just sent a template-based email blast and your messages are already going out. Actual delivery rates are dependent on the volume of email in your website's email queue, and your recipients email service and Internet connection. If you want to check the status of your email, here is a link to the Mail Logs tool.

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