Add an Action Item

Use this form to add an action item within your group. Note: To add action items, you must have Action Item Management privileges.

To add an action item:

  1. From All Groups, click the name of the group containing to which you want to add an action item. This takes you to the home page for that group.
  2. Below the breadcrumbs, click the Action Items tab. This takes you to the Action Items page for that group.
  3. Click Add Action Item.  This takes you to the Add Action Item page.
  4. For Description, enter a brief description or name for the item.
  5. For Owner, select an owner from the drop-down list, or 'None'.  The Owner is the person responsible for closing the item.
  6. For Comment, enter more information about the item.  More comments can be added later (see Modify or Close an Action Item).
  7. For Due Date, select from the drop-down lists the month, date, year, and year for the event.
  8. For Email Notifications, check the checkbox to send email to the group about this item.

Advanced Options

  1. For References, select existing or create new items to associate with the event.

Note: Referenced items are optional when adding an item.

  1. The Existing References section contains a list of items (document, Internet address, and so on) to associate with the event. The default is none. This section is populated by selecting items from the Create References section and clicking Add More Reference Items >>.

Note: Items on this list can be added and removed multiple times and are not associated with the action item until the item itself is added by clicking Add Action Item.

  1. For Create a new document/link, optionally enter the complete path or browse for a new document to upload to associate with the event and/or type in an Internet address (link) to associate with the event (for example,
    • For State, select the state of the document/link (draft, final, and so on).
    • For Folder, select the Group document folder into which you want to add the new document/link.
    • For Reference Type, select the kind of document/link.

Note: The State, Folder, and Reference Type selected apply to both the new document and Internet address. If the event is added, the new document/link will appear in the sponsoring Group's document list in the specified folder.

  1. For Select an existing document/link, the top drop-down list contains all Group documents and links uploaded within the last month. The default is None; select one by clicking its name. Define its reference type by selecting an option from the Reference Type drop-down list (for example, Reference Document, Agenda, Minutes, and so on).
    • To update the list using another time frame (for example, documents uploaded within the last one week, two weeks, and so on), select the desired time frame from the drop-down list and click Update Existing Document List. The top drop-down list is updated; select a document or link by clicking its name.
  2. When you are finished making selections in the Create a new document/link and Select an existing document/link sections, click Add More>>. The referenced items now appear in the Existing References section. To add more items, continue selecting references and clicking Add More>>. To remove an item from the Existing References list, click Remove Reference next to the item you want to remove.
  3. When you are finished, click Add Action Item to add the item or Cancel to return to the Group Home without adding the action item.
  4. Note: Required fields are designated by an asterisk (*). If you click Add Action Item and a required field is left blank, an error message appears in red at the top of the page and next to the blank field heading. Enter the required information and click Add Action Item again.
  5. If you click Add Action Item, you go to the Add Action Item - Success page, which shows the added item's details, including details for and links to all referenced items.

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