Create a New Approval Ballot

Use this form to create a new approval ballot for a document.

Note: You must have Ballot Manage privileges to create a new ballot.

Note: A group member's voting eligibility is assigned by the group Chair or other group member with Roster Manage privileges. See Change Group Member Role for more information.

An approval ballot is a special case of a general ballot. The purpose of an approval ballot is to determine if the balloting group is prepared to approve a document, specification, or standard for publication or wider review. To this end, the ballot is pre-configured with the appropriate options for obtaining consensus:

The general flow, then, is to create the ballot and begin accepting votes and comments. The document and/or ballot administrator works with voters to address concerns raised before or during the voting process. When those concerns have been satisfactorily addressed, dissenting voters may change their vote from No/Abstain to Yes, allowing the document under review to proceed to the next stage of the approval process.

To create a new approval ballot:

  1. From All Groups, click the name of the group for which you want to create a new ballot. This takes you to the home page for that group.
  2. Click the Documents tab. This takes you to the Group Documents page for that group.
  3. Select a document from the listing and view the document Details.
  4. Click Add a Ballot. This takes you to the Add Approval Ballot page.
  5. The Title text is pre-filled, but you may change this as needed.
  6. The Description/Question is pre-filled, but you may changed this as needed.
  7. For Ballot Opening Date, select the date and time you want the ballot to open. All eligible voters will receive an email notification of the ballot on this date. The default is today's date and time.
  8. For Ballot Closing Date, select the date and time you want the ballot to close. Votes cannot be cast after this date and time. The default is 14 days after the start date and time.
  9. For Time Zone, choose the Time Zone that will be used to schedule the open, close, and reminder times.
  10. For Email Notifications, check the box to send email to voters about this ballot when it opens and closes. If you would like a reminder sent to all eligible voters who have not voted by a specific date, check "Send a reminder to eligible voters..." and select the date and time here.

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