Breadcrumbs quickly show where in the group structure you are, by using links from the parent page to the current page. They are located at the top of the page, highlighted by a color bar.  The term "breadcrumbs" comes from the story of Hansel and Gretel, who left a trail of breadcrumbs in the forest so they could find their way home again. Section names are separated by a forward arrow (>). All Groups is always first, followed by each subgroup or section. The current page is in black text; all others appear as links for easy navigation up and down the groups and subgroups. For example, if you are on the Group Documents page for the Ad Campaign group (a subgroup of the Marketing Group), the breadcrumbs would be:

All Groups > My Groups > Marketing Group > Ad Campaign > Documents.

Jump Navigation

Jump navigation provides another method to quickly move from one place to another within the Groups application. You will find jump navigation, in the form of a drop-down list and Go! button, immediately above breadcrumb area. The drop-down list contains links to the All Groups page, the My Groups page, and to the Group Home page for each subscribed group. To jump to a specific group, select the group and click the Go! button.

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