Group Calendar

This calendar shows all events for the group and all shared events for its subgroup(s) for the current month. Depending on how Kavi Groups is configured, the calendar appears either at the bottom of the group home page or on a separate page.

To view the group calendar:

  1. From All Groups, click the name of the group whose calendar you want to view. This takes you to the home page for that group.
  2. Click the Calendar tab. This takes you to the Group Calendar page for that group.
  3. To view a month other than the current month, select the month and year from the drop-down lists below the calendar heading and click View. To view the month immediately preceding the current month, click the Previous links/arrows above the calendar. To view the month immediately following the current month, click the Next links/arrows above the calendar.

Note: If you are a visitor to this group, the calendar will only show this group's shared events. See Sharing for more information.


Note: Events may be displayed or hidden from the Group Calendar by various means. Settings in the Admin area for all groups effect the ability to display events here. Also, configuration settings for a particular group may limit/permit the display of their events here. Lastly, groups may opt to not share events, even if they have the ability to do so. See Sharing and Group Administrator Overview for more information.

Tip: To quickly find out an event's scheduled time, place your cursor over the name of the event and read the rollover text.

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