Add a Document Comment

After reviewing a document, you can add a comment to it if:

To add a document comment:

  1. From All Groups, click the name of the group containing the document to which you want to add a comment. This takes you to the home page for that group.
  2. Below the breadcrumbs, click the Comments tab. This takes you to the group comments page for that group.
  3. In the linkbar, click the "Open for Comment" link to Find the document to which you want to add a comment.
  4. Below the document name, click Add Comment. This takes you to the Add Comments page for that document.

Note: If you have Comment Manage privileges, you can also turn commenting off for the document.

  1. Review the Document Details section at the top of the page to further verify this is the correct document. This is the same information found on the Document Details page for this document.
  2. In Subject, enter a name (title) for your comment. For example, "Engineering review notes".
  3. In Section, enter information to help identify where the comment applies. For example, "page 47, line 12".
  4. In Category, enter information to help classify the importance of the comment. Use "Editorial" for textual changes or "Substantive" for changes relating to the substance of the document itself.
  5. In Comment, enter your comment about the document (all characters are allowed; maximum of 7500).
  6. In Proposal, enter your suggested change or improvement (all characters are allowed; maximum of 7500).
  7. Your organization may allow you to supply your comments as an attachment. If so, use the Supporting File field to attach your comment.
  8. In Email Notifications, choose whether to notify the members of the group, the document owner, or no one.
  9. When you finish, click Add Comment to add the comment or Cancel to return to the Details page for the document without adding the comment.

Note: Required fields are designated by an asterisk (*). If you click Add Comment and a required field is left blank, an error message appears in red next to the blank field heading. Enter the required information and click Add Comment again.

  1. If you click Add Comment, the new comment is added and you go to the Add Comments - Success page, which shows the Document Details about your document, including the new comment. The new comment appears in the Comment Information section immediately following the document information, and includes the name of the comment, your name, the date added (today's date) and the full text of the comment. From the Success page, you can select to add another comment, return to the Group Documents page or go to the Group's Home page.

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