What is a Document

As it is used by Kavi Groups, "document" refers to any kind of file; for example, Microsoft Word (.DOC), Microsoft Excel (.XLS), Adobe Acrobat (.PDF), multimedia (.MPEG, .WAV), executable (.EXE), graphic (.GIF, .JPEG), text (.TXT), and so on. These files reside in folders and are associated with specific groups. They are available for viewing and downloading by group members and/or by non-members.

Shared Documents

Shared documents can be viewed and downloaded by anyone with which that the document has been shared. They may be found on the Documents page for each group in a shared documents folder, on the Documents page for the organization, and on the Public Documents page, depending on the sharing settings for that document. You may wish to learn more about Sharing or to see the Group Administrator Overview for more information on configuration options.

Group Member Documents

You can upload a document if you are a member of a group and have Document Upload privileges for that group. When a document is uploaded, Kavi Groups determines the file type and assigns the document the appropriate icon. If you have the privileges to do so, you can also modify a document's details, add a document comment or delete a document permanently from the Group Documents page. Document folders can be configured to automatically name documents uploaded or transferred to them.

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