Modify Document Details

Use this form to edit the information found on the selected document's Details page. Note: If the document resides in a folder with autonaming enabled, only users with Document Manage privileges can modify it. The document submitter can only submit revisions to the document; he/she cannot modify the document.

To modify a document:

  1. From All Groups, click the name of the group containing the document whose details you want to modify. This takes you to the home page for that group.
  2. Click the Documents tab. This takes you to the group documents page for that group.
  3. Find the document you want to modify on the list of documents.
  4. Under Action, click Manage. This takes you to the selected document's Details page.
  5. Click Modify. This takes you to the Modify Document page.
  6. In Document Name, enter the name the document will be viewed and downloaded as. Up to 50 characters are allowed, including all special characters except spaces. The document's current name is the default.
  7. In Title, enter the name the document will be displayed as.

Note: If the document is transferred to a folder with autonaming enabled and you do not specify a name, the document is given the next available autoname, per the user-defined format. See Autoname Documents for more information.

  1. In Description, enter a brief description of the document. All characters are allowed and although there is no maximum number of characters for this field, be as brief and clear as possible. HTML is not allowed. The document's current description is the default.
  2. [Document Managers Only]
    For Submitter, select from the group roster. You may wish to modify the submitter when you have added a document on another's behalf, but wish for them to receive email and comments about the document.
  3. [Document Managers Only]
    Select the Submission Date of the document. This feature is provided to support the initial upload of documents into the document repository by allowing a document manager to modify the autogenerated submission date. The document's current submission date is pre-selected.
  4. [Document Managers Only]
    Select the appropriate Download Agreement for the document. Agreements are defined and activated by the organization administrator; the decision to use a specific agreement is made by those administrators with the document manager privilege.
  5. From the Folder list, select the folder you want the document associated with. Transfer the document to another folder by selecting the target folder here. Subfolders appear indented below the parent folder and are preceded by a forward slash (/). Autonaming folders have the text "autonaming" in parentheses next to the folder name (see Autoname Documents for more information). The document's current folder is pre-selected.
  6. For Sharing, select with whom the document should be shared. Depending on the group settings, options may include the General Public, the Organization General Membership, or one or more groups. If your group is not configured to share with others, or if you do not have sharing privileges, the sharing options will not appear on this page. The document's current sharing settings are pre-selected.

Tip: To learn more about sharing, see About Sharing.

  1. Select the State of the document. Document states are unique for each organization. The document's current state is pre-selected.
  2. For Email Notifications, you can check the boxes to send email about the document to your group and to all the groups with whom you've decided to share the event. In addition, you can CC additional email addresses.

Note: If you do not want a notification email sent, leave these options unchecked, and leave the text box blank.

  1. For Submitter's Note, you may enter text that will appear at the top of your notification email.
  2. In Comments, if there are comments (from anyone who has reviewed the document), they are listed and include the text of the comment, the Submitter, Submitter's email address and Submission Date. To delete a comment, click Delete This Comment below the heading of the comment you want to delete. To add a comment, click Add Comments to go to the Add Comment page.

If no comments are associated with the document, the text No Comments Available appears below the Comments heading. To add a comment, click Add Comment Page for This Document to go to the Add Comment page. Note: Only Group members can add comments, and only if the folder the document resides in has been configured by the Group Chair to allow comments.

  1. In Content Type, enter the content type for the document. The document's current content type (determined by the server when the document was uploaded) is the default. See Group Administrator Overview for information on changing Content Type settings.

Tip: If the content type for this document is incorrect, you can change it here.

  1. Click Submit Changes to modify the document or Cancel to return to the Group Documents page without modifying the document.

Note: Required fields are designated by an asterisk (*). If you click Submit Changes and a required field is left blank, an error message appears in red at the top of the page and next to the blank field heading. Enter the required information and click Submit Changes again.

  1. If you click Submit Changes, the document is modified and you go to the Modify Document - Success page, which shows the modified document's details. From this page, you can select to modify this document's information again, return to the Group Documents page or view/download the document by clicking the document name. The modified document's details are now available for viewing from the Group Documents page.

To edit the document itself:

  1. Delete the document.
  2. Edit it locally.
  3. Add the modified document (as a new document).

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