Group Documents

Use this page to track and share group documents. You can view all documents and search for a specific document or group of documents. As a group member, you can also add documents. Note: If you are  not a group member, you will only see documents which have been shared with the general public, general membership, or with a group of which you are a member.

To view group documents:

  1. From All Groups, click the name of the group from the list under the Available Groups heading whose documents you want to view. This takes you to the home page for that group.
  2. Click the Documents tab. This takes you to the Documents for that group. The following information is provided:


Note: If you have Chair privileges, links to Edit and Delete a folder appear next to the Upload New Document link. There is also a link to Download Folder and all its contents in one large UNIX .tar file.

Note: If a folder exists but has no documents in it, the text, "No documents available", appears below the folder icon and name. This information is provided for each document:

Tip: To quickly find out a document's description, place your cursor over the document name and read the rollover text.

Note: If the document resides in a folder with autonaming enabled, only users with Document Manage privileges can modify it. In this case, the document submitter can only submit revisions to the document; he/she cannot modify the document. See Autoname Documents for more information.

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