Full Text Search

When you search for an item in a group, the results of your search opens to a page with full text search. This allows you to better refine your search.

To search using the full text search:

  1. From All Groups, click the name of the group you want to search. This takes you to the home page for that group.
  2. Click the tab of your choice (Documents, Email, etc.). This takes you to the area of the group you wish to search.
  3. Enter a keyword or phrase in the Search box, then click Search. Search for text that appears in the title, body, submitter's name. Tip: To learn more about searching, see Using Search. Your search results open up on a page with optional Full Text Search

Search Criteria

Tip: To limit the search to a specific year, enter the four-digit year (e.g., 2004) as one of the search words.

Search Results

Note: Only those criteria you specified in your search are displayed. If no items match your search, the message, "Sorry, no results found" is displayed.

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