Add a Document Folder

You can add document folders for a group if:

To add a document folder:

  1. From All Groups, click the name of the group to which you would like to add a folder. This takes you to the home page for that group.
  2. Click the Documents tab. This takes you to the Documents page for that group.
  3. Click Add New Folder. This takes you to the Add New Folder page for that group.
  4. In Folder Name, enter a name for the new folder (up to 50 characters; spaces and optional characters are allowed).

Tip: Two folders can have the same name, but to avoid confusion, it is not recommended.

  1. In Folder Description, type some descriptive text to provide guidance as to why this folder exists and when it should be used.
  2. In Default Folder, check the checkbox if you want this folder to appear as the default when users use the Add Document form.

Advanced options:

  1. For Document Managers Only, select whether only document managers can upload files to this folder or any group member can upload files to this folder.
  2. For Comments Allowed Default, select whether files uploaded to this folder are allowed to have comments by default.
  3. For Parent Folder, select an existing folder or "new top-level folder" to create a new top-level folder. Subfolders of existing folders are designated by a forward slash (/) and appear below their respective parent folder.

Note: If you select None, the folder you create will not be associated with a parent folder. Be sure you select the correct parent folder; if you do not, you must delete the folder and create a new one with the correct parent. See Delete a document folder on the ramifications of doing this.

  1. For Auto Naming, select whether you want documents added or transferred to this folder to be automatically assigned names. If you select Auto-name documents in this folder using this scheme, you must define the naming scheme format in the Auto Naming Format section, using the variables listed in the Auto Naming Format table. The default naming scheme for the organization is provided. For more information, see Autoname Documents.
  2. For Current Document Number, define the document number for the next uploaded or transferred document. The default is zero.
  3. For Show Descriptions with Documents, select yes to have document descriptions printed in document listings, or no to avoid showing their description in document listings.
  4. When you finish, click Add New Folder to create the new folder or Cancel to return to the group documents page without creating the new folder.

Note: Required fields are designated by an asterisk (*). If you click Add New Folder and a required field is left blank, an error message appears in red at the top of the page and next to the blank field heading. Enter the required information and click Add New Folder again.

  1. If you click Add New Folder, the new folder is created and you go to the Add Folder - Success page, which includes the details about your folder. From this page, you can select to go back to the group documents page, add another folder, edit the new folder, delete the new folder or upload a document to the new folder. The new document folder is now listed on the group documents page in alphabetical order with the other group folders.

Note: If you enabled autonaming, the Autonaming Format and Current Document Number you defined are shown, along with Sample Document Names of the next three documents uploaded/transferred to this folder. On the group documents page, the icon for the new folder has a dot on it , designating it as an autonaming folder.

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