What is a Document Folder

Kavi Groups organizes documents by folder, just as files on your computer are organized by folder. An infinite number of folders and subfolders are allowed (although too deep a folder structure is probably impractical). All documents must reside in a folder; Kavi Groups does not allow "orphan" documents to be associated with a group. The Documents page and the Group Documents pages contain lists of existing document folders, in alphabetical order by folder name. If Kavi Groups has been configured to allow subfolders, they are designated by a forward slash in the folder name (for example, Meeting Notes / Offsite contains documents found in the Offsite subfolder of the Meeting Notes folder). Folders can also be configured to automatically assign names to documents; see Autoname Documents for more information. Note: To add, edit or delete a document folder, you must have Documents Manager privileges. Learn more about the attributes a folder can have on the Add a Folder page.

Note: On the group documents page, the icon for an autonaming folder has a dot on it .

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