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Table of Contents
Group Administrator Overview
Roles and Privileges
All Groups
My Groups
Personalize My Groups
Using Search
Full Text Search
Group Home Page
View Group Home Page as a Visitor
Deny Membership Notification
Charters and Chairs
Edit Group Setup
Edit Group Charter
Edit Group Notes
Add New Subgroup
Modify Email Templates
View Group Roster
Manage Group Roster
Manage Group Roster by Attendance
Add New Group Member
Join a Group
Meeting Attendance Report
Modify Group Member Role
Remove Group Member
Resolve Pending Membership Requests
General Membership Calendar
Add an Event to the General Membership Calendar
Group Calendar
Event Details
List All Events by Date
Track Event Attendance
Add an Event
Manage an Event
Modify an Event
Cancel an Event
Uncancel an Event
Delete an Event
What is a Document
Manage Documents
Autoname Documents
Add a New Document or Document Revision
Modify Document Details
Copy a Document
Delete a Document
View a Document Comment
Add a Document Comment
View a Document
Group Documents
Document Details
Shared Documents
What is a Document Folder
Manage Document Folders
Add a Document Folder
Edit a Document Folder
Delete a Document Folder
All Ballots
Group Ballots
Ballot Details
Create a New Ballot
Preview a Ballot
Modify (or re-open) a Ballot
Edit Votes and Proxy Vote
Eligible Voters
Close a Ballot
Delete a Ballot
Cast a Vote
Associate a Document/Comment With Your Vote
Vote Details
Group Action Items
Action Item Details
Add an Action Item
Modify or Close an Action Item
Delete an Action Item
Email Threads
Send Mail to Group Mailing List
Groups Public Area
Public Ballots
Public Ballot Details
Public Calendar
Public Documents
Public Document Details
+ Kavi Groups Help