Contributions to each TC OASIS Open Repository are subject to a declared “Applicable License,” selected from the list of licenses identified below. Selection of the open source license is made by the members of the associated OASIS TC. OASIS periodically will review other widely-used free and open source licenses for possible inclusion in this list and will publish updates by amending this document and the OASIS TC Open Repository Guidelines and Procedures.

The Applicable License for any TC Open Repository will apply to all material (“contributions”) donated to the repository, by posting it or requesting its inclusion in that repository. Anyone, whether an OASIS member or TC member or not, may contribute into a TC Open Repository, subject to the Applicable License.

The TC creating an TC Open Repository will select its Applicable License from among the following list: BSD-3-Clause License (which shall apply if the TC makes no license selection in its approval action); Apache License v 2.0; CC-BY 2.0; CC-BY 4.0; Eclipse Public License v 1.0.

Display copies of the four current choices for an open source license are presented below, together with URI references for authoritative sources.

Open Source License Choices


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