Forming a Member Section

The OASIS Member Section Program offers a unique advantage for independent groups interested in advancing and promoting the intelligent use of open standards.


OASIS Member Sections maintain their own identities as distinct organizations while gaining access to OASIS infrastructure, resources, reputation, administrative support, and expertise. The program is designed to meet the needs of groups interested in creating open standards, as well as those seeking to articulate business requirements, promote adoption of existing standards, or advocate for interoperable solutions.

Benefits of the program:

  • You remain focused on your work agenda, free from the administrative, legal, financial, and promotional distractions of running a consortium.
  • Your members become eligible to participate in any OASIS Committee.
  • Existing OASIS members become eligible to participate in your work.
  • You take advantage of the OASIS open process for creating standards and other community consensus documents.
  • You form valuable liaison relationships with related work at OASIS and other organizations.
  • You may choose to advance your work through the OASIS Standard ratification process and potentially gain ratification by de jure standards bodies such as ISO, IEC, and ITU.
  • Your members can work under the protection and clarity of the widely accepted OASIS Membership Agreement and IPR Policy—without the burden of another set of rules to examine.


OASIS provides a wide range of services to enable the efficient operation of all Member Sections. Items listed below in black indicate core services provided by OASIS staff and funded from the OASIS general operating budget. Items listed in purple signify special services or activities that are funded by registration fees, sponsorship fees, donations, grants, transferred assets (from external groups that form or join the Member Section) or dues allocations.

Services and Activities
Member Services
  • Outreach and recruiting of prospective members
  • Member database creation and maintenance
  • Membership application processing
  • Dues collection
  • Member renewal services
  • Publication of online member rosters
  • User accounts maintenance
  • Online tools to self-manage TC participation
  • Analysis of membership growth and renewal opportunities
  • Administration of Special Ballots (e.g., Steering Committee elections)
  • Subsidized OASIS memberships to encourage participation by specific constituencies such as government agencies from developing economies, academics, etc.
Spec Development
  • Governance under OASIS Technical Committee Process and Intellectual Property Rights Policy
  • Assistance in drafting Technical Committee charters
  • Training and guidance on using collaboration tools and OASIS processes
  • Preparation, publication and promotion of TC and Member Section documents
  • Public Review administration and promotion
  • Set up and administration of required ballots
  • Submission of OASIS Standards for further ratification by de jure bodies, e.g., ISO, ITU, IEC, ANSI, etc.
  • Liaison relationship management
  • Expert editorial services for Standards documents
Web Site
  • Web hosting and backup
  • Basic web mastering services
  • Transition of existing site or creation of new site based on OASIS template
  • Assistance in maintaining content
  • Custom web site design
  • Domain-specific content updates
  • Special functionality, e.g., product directory, forums
Promotion / Collateral
  • Logo design (basic template)
  • Data sheets (basic template, low-volume printing)
  • Coverage in OASIS News
  • Press releases announcing major milestones
  • Press and analyst phone briefings
  • Promotion in OASIS News
  • Coordination of social media outreach
  • Videos (basic interview format)
  • Press/analyst tours
  • Custom logo design
  • Custom design of printed materials
  • High-volume printing of collateral
  • Sponsored research, e.g., white papers, case studies
  • Custom videos
  • Custom newsletter
  • Specialty items, e.g., logoed t-shirts, mugs
  • Webinar hosting and promotion
  • Conference presentation opportunities
  • Event co-sponsorship
  • WateringHole video interviews
  • Trade show exhibitions
  • Event hosting (conferences, webinars, seminars, etc.)
  • Interop demos and showcases
  • Plugfests
  • Member F2F meetings
  • Receptions
  • Invoicing, payments, and collections
  • Financial reporting and budgeting
  • Auditing
  • Tax return filing

For more information, see the Member Section Policy or contact OASIS.