Before you apply:

  • Determine which Membership Category and Dues level is appropriate for your organization. 
  • Review OASIS Policies and Procedures to learn about OASIS governance and expectations.
  • Identify a Primary Representative who will be responsible for your organization’s overall participation and a Billing Contact. Optionally, you may also identify an Official Notice Contact (usually your legal counsel), who will be notified of changes to OASIS Bylaws and IPR Policy. Your Primary Representative will receive these official notices whether or not you also have an Official Notices Contact.
  • Decide if you plan to support one or more OASIS Member Sections (optional).

To apply:

  • Fill in all required fields including:
    • a signature from a person with authority to sign on behalf of your organization
    • (optional) purchase order or other reference number that you’d like to appear on your invoice
  • Return your signed Membership Agreement via:
    • email attachment to; or
    • fax to +1 781-425-5072; or
    • postal or express mail to:
      Attn: Member Services
      35 Corporate Drive, Suite 150
      Burlington, MA 01803-4238

After applying:

  • Allow three business days for your application to be processed. When processing is complete, you will receive an email notification including a copy of your counter-signed Membership Agreement.
  • As soon as your application is processed, your membership will be activated. You (and other employees of your organization) may start participating in Committees immediately. See Participation Instructions for details on how to get started.

  • OASIS will send your Billing Contact an invoice for your dues; the invoice is payable–within 30 days of receipt–by credit card, check, or wire transfer. Full details on payment options will be included with your invoice.

Contact OASIS staff for assistance with any step of this process.