Call to Vote on OASIS Standard: TGF Pattern Language Core Patterns V1.0

The OASIS Transformational Government Framework TC members [1] have approved submitting the following Candidate OASIS Standard to the membership for vote as an OASIS Standard:

Transformational Government Framework (TGF) Pattern Language Core Patterns Version 1.0
Candidate OASIS Standard 01
16 January 2013

This is a call to the primary or alternate representatives of OASIS Organizational Members to vote. All requirements of the OASIS TC Process for the vote have been met.

-- Voting Details --

The ballot opens at 00:00 GMT on 11 April 2013 and closes at 23:59 GMT on 25 April 2013. You can access the ballot to cast your vote at:

Internal link:
Publicly visible link:

The minimum number of affirmative votes required to approve this ballot is 49 (15% of 326 Organizational Members).

Each OASIS organizational member has one vote. OASIS members should ensure that their organization's primary or alternate representative votes according to the organization's wishes. If you do not know the name of your organization's voting representative is, go to the My Account page at

then click the link for your Company (at the top of the page) and review the list of users for the name designated as "Primary".

-- Information about the Candidate OASIS Standard and the TGF TC --

The Transformational Government Framework (TGF) is a practical “how to” standard for the design and implementation of an effective program of technology-enabled change at national, state or local government level. It describes a managed process of ICT-enabled change in the public sector, which puts the needs of citizens and businesses at the heart of that process and which achieves significant and transformational impacts on the efficiency and effectiveness of government.

The TGF Pattern Language is a formalization of the Framework that is both human-readable and machine-tractable. It provides a concise, structured and formal set of “patterns” using the so‑called “Alexandrian form”, where each pattern describes a core problem, a context in which the problem arises and an archetypal solution to the stated problem.

More information can be found on the TC's webpage at and the FAQ at

The prose specification document and related files are available here:

PDF (Authoritative):


Editable source:

-- Additional information --

[1] [1] OASIS Transformational Government Framework TC

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