The OASIS Solution Deployment Descriptor (SDD) TC is closed

OASIS Members,

At the request of the Technical Committee, the OASIS Solution Deployment Descriptor (SDD) TC has been closed.

The SDD TC began in April 2005 to develop specifications for describing characteristics of installable units of software in ways that would support deployment, configuration, and maintenance. The Solution Deployment Descriptor Specification 1.0 was approved as an OASIS Standard on 1 September 2008. The TC also published expository works to support the standard including a glossry, primer, examples and a starter profile. SDD V1.0 was implemented in the Eclipse COSMOS open-source project now archived at

We congratulate all the members and leaders of the TC for their contributions and dedication to the development and delivery of the standard.

As is standard OASIS policy, the archives of the Technical Committee will remain publicly visible on TC's web site at SDD OASIS Standard can be found at (with an errata approved on 21 November 2008 at

The TC email list will be closed but the archive will remain available at The comments email will remain open and will be accessible at

Again, our congratulations and thanks to the members of the SDD TC for their contributions.

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