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Hosting an OASIS Open Standards Day (OOSD) provides an opportunity for OASIS members to showcase the variety of open standards work being advanced within the Consortium. Members who host OOSDs publicize OASIS standards and specifications and increase local awareness of and participation in Consortium activities.

A written OOSD proposal must be submitted no later than 6 months prior to the proposed event date. OASIS will initially evaluate each proposal based on the event topic, recommended chairperson, proposed date, venue, and initial program content prior to committing to branding the proposed event as an official OASIS Open Standards Day. Once OASIS approval has been received, the Event Host will be responsible to create an appropriate web site, begin promoting, handle registration, assemble the program, and manage the logistics. The Event Host must ensure that the program consists of primarily OASIS members and/or experienced implementers of OASIS specifications and standards. OASIS reserves the right to preserve the integrity of the OASIS-brand and may cancel out of the agreement if the Event Host:

  • Creates a program with only presenters from it’s organization/company (if you wish to produce such a program, please refer to the above OASIS Co-sponsorship section)
  • Develops a program and schedule around product pitches and/or other vendor selling-type presentations (OASIS does not feel these types of presentations are appropriate in an OASIS-branded event such as OOSD)
  • Neglects to provide OASIS final review of the program and schedule prior to distribution (a final review is required for OASIS-branded events)
  • Neglects to provide OASIS with a copy of all slide presentations and/or handout materials associated with the OOSD prior to copying and distribution (a final review is required for OASIS-branded events)

As mentioned above, product pitches are not an appropriate fit for these types of programs, although you may wish to include an exhibit area or vendor-hosted reception as part of the event.

Open only to OASIS Members – may include more than one member.

The Event Host is responsible for all details associated with the event unless a contract has been negotiated with OASIS. Upon request, OASIS may assist the host with such event planning items as: program development and hotel/event logistics for a flat fee based on the anticipated revenue vs. expenses. This flat fee is only used to cover the out-of-pocket OASIS staff expenses. In addition, Event Host will be responsible to cover any travel expenses for OASIS presenters.

  • The OASIS logo, brief organization description, and link (used on the event web site and printed promotional materials).
  • An event logo and description posting on the OASIS industry event calendar, XML.org event calendar, and other OASIS-hosted calendars, (e.g., Cover Pages, ebxml.org, etc.) as appropriate.
  • Up to three announcements in OASIS News.
  • One OASIS staff posting to the Announce List, as well the option to post their own event announcements to the OASIS Announce List.
  • Keynote by Patrick Gannon, OASIS President and CEO, or another OASIS representative.
  • Upon request and pending availability, a business or technical presentation by an OASIS speaker may be provided to the Event Organizer.
    Special note: The Event Organizer will be responsible to cover any travel expenses for an OASIS speaker.
  • Posting of the call for presentations – deadline and direct URL must be provided.
  • An attendee registration insert option
  • Complimentary event pass(es)
  • Complimentary exhibit space or table top during the event, if applicable
  • Complimentary meeting space to hold OASIS technical committee meeting(s)
  • OASIS member discount for the event
  • Event attendee list
  • Travel expenses for OASIS keynote and any other OASIS staff representative assisting with the event
  • A complete written OOSD proposal for approval at least 6 months before the proposed event date
  • A signed agreement outlining the required involvement from OASIS for this OASIS branded event (this agreement will include any financial exchange in order to cover out-of-pocket OASIS staff expenses)

To begin preparations for hosting an OASIS Open Standards Day, please review the following instructions:

  1. Appoint an event chairperson from your organization.
  2. Determine a date and venue to attract maximum attendance.
  3. Contact the OASIS Manager of Events (events@oasis-open.org) with your proposal (note proposal items below). OASIS management will evaluate your plans to ensure we are able to accommodate your date and venue.
  4. Once you have received OASIS approval, create an appropriate Web site to promote the event and manage registration.
  5. Issue a call for participation to solicit presentations from your local target audience. OASIS will also announce the call to our membership base once the announcement is ready.
  6. Select speakers and assemble your program, ensuring that the majority of presenters are members of OASIS and/or experienced implementers of OASIS specifications and standards. Product pitches are not an appropriate fit for the program, although you may wish to include an exhibit area or vendor-hosted reception as part of the event.
  7. Review final selection of speakers and presentation schedules with OASIS prior to confirming the final program.
  • Main Contact (full information)
  • OASIS Member Host (organization details)
  • Proposed Date
  • Proposed Location and Venue
  • Format (number of days for the program, will there be exhibits, etc.)
  • Specific Participation Required by OASIS
  • Proposed OOSD Focus or Theme
  • Target Audience
  • List of Potential Speakers and/or OASIS Specifications/Standards that will be addressed during the program

For more information or to forward a proposal, contact the OASIS Manager of Events, events@oasis-open.org.