Borderless Cyber USA 2018 Assembles Cybersecurity Experts to Explore Latest Innovations and Strategies

Anomali, EclecticIQ, IBM Security, ThreatQuotient, Fujitsu, NC4, NormShield, Sponsor Major International Cyber Event along with King & Union, New Context, sFractal, and Splunk

Washington, DC, USA; 3 October 2018,Borderless Cyber USA 2018 is a two-day cybersecurity conference taking place at The World Bank in Washington, DC, Oct. 3-4, 2018.

The event features a diverse set of keynote speakers from both government and private industry—leaders who are implementing the latest technologies to protect organizations and their users against cybersecurity threats. The event also includes sessions lead by global experts who share their real-world experience and recommendations.

The conference will be followed by a one-day training session on the STIX 2 and TAXII 2 standards for threat intelligence sharing.

Borderless Cyber is organized by The World Bank, the OASIS open source and standards consortium, Georgetown University, and the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology.

Keynote Speakers:

- Melissa Hathaway, President of Hathaway Global Strategies, served under two U.S. presidents where she ran the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative (CNCI) and spearheaded the Cyberspace Policy Review.

- Gupta, Director of Security at Facebook, has spent the past 20 years developing secure, scalable security software that has protected billions of users.

- William Evanina, Director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, is the principal security advisor for the U.S. Director of National Intelligence.

- Melanie Ensign, Security and Privacy Communications Lead at Uber, specializes in reputation management, media engagement, and incident response.

- Ursula Owusu-Ekuful, a member of the Ghanaian Parliament, previously served as Ghana’s Minister of Communications.

- Tony Scott, Managing Partner at Ridge-Lane Limited Partners, served as the U.S. Federal Chief Information Officer from 2015 through 2017.

Support for Borderless Cyber

"Borderless Cyber USA, with its focus on STIX-TAXII training, help the cybersecurity community to strategically align in the fight against adversaries. We are proud to be a platinum sponsor."
-- Dane Coyer, General Manager EclecticIQ North America

"Fujitsu will demonstrate S-TIP (Seamless - Threat Intelligence Platform) proto-type at Borderless Cyber. This platform merges human (SNS, email) and system (STIX/TAXII) CTI sharing seamlessly to help reveal 5Ws1H of cyber-attacks (such as threat actors, time periods, objectives, attack targets, intrusion paths, methods) with its capabilities like CTI graph analytics engine. Fujitsu has been a CTI TC member since the OASIS CTI Technical Committee’s establishment.
--Hitoshi Habe, Director of Marketing & Sales (Cyber Systems), Defense Systems Unit, Fujitsu

IBM Security
"At IBM Security, we're constantly innovating to find new and better ways to protect your data and the people it belongs to -- your customers. But your customers are also our family, our friends, and our neighbors -- people we care about. That's why our 8,000 IBM Security global employees exist to protect the world, freeing you to thrive in the face of cyber uncertainty. As the market leader in enterprise security, we hold more then 3,700 security-related patents and monitor over 60B+ security events per day.”
--Jason Keirstead, Lead Architect, IBM.Security

"Cybersecurity is one of the biggest challenges facing organizations all over the world. NC4 is excited to participate in Borderless Cyber USA to be part of conversations around best practices in turning cyber intelligence into defensive action to make all of our communities safer."
-- George Johnson, VP of Cyber Solutions and Chief Security Officer, NC4

"In a world where the weakest link in a corporate cyber security system is a trusted supplier connected to the company's network. NormShield’s non-intrusive cloud-based external cyber risk assessment can scan suppliers’ networks and cloud/web applications, in 60 seconds, and provide corporate supply chain risk managers with a comprehensive Cyber Risk Scorecard based on industry standards that will assess the suppliers’ cyber risk posture and provide visibility to what hackers are able to discover as well as immediate remediation recommendations."
-- Mohamoud Jibrell, Co-Founder & CEO, NormShield

"ThreatQuotient is looking forward to the opportunity to share a stage with our industry peers at Borderless Cyber in DC. We all share a common goal to bring order to the chaos of security operations, and ThreatQuotient views the chance to share diverse insight with the organizations on the frontlines as a great responsibility. Threat intelligence programs can take on a lot of forms, but the role threat intelligence remains critical."
-- Ryan Trost, Co-Founder and CTO, ThreatQuotient

Additional Information
Visit to view the full program and speaker list or to learn more about the STIX/TAXII 2.0 Training that follows the event.


About OASIS:
OASIS is one of the most respected, member-driven standards bodies in the world. It offers standards and open source projects a path to recognition in international policy and procurement. OASIS has a broad technical agenda encompassing cybersecurity, privacy, cryptography, cloud computing, IoT, legal, emergency management, augmented reality, and more. Any initiative for developing code, APIs, specifications, or reference implementations can find a home at OASIS. Each project operates independently under industry-approved process and IPR policies. Some of the most widely adopted OASIS Standards include AMQP, CAP, CMIS, DITA, DocBook, KMIP, MQTT, OpenC2, OpenDocument, PKCS, SAML, STIX, TAXII, TOSCA, UBL, and XLIFF. Many of these have gone on to be published as ISO, IEC, or ITU standards. New work is encouraged, and all are welcome to participate. OASIS members can be found in 100+ countries on virtually every continent. Major multinational companies, SMEs, government agencies, universities, research institutions, consulting groups, and individuals are represented.

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