Secure interactions between government, business and citizen top agenda at London OASIS forum

London, England; 1 November 2006 — "With increasing threats encompassing everything from hacking to identity theft, providing a secure, online environment has become a major objective for governments and organisations worldwide."

So insists John Wailing, director of technical policy for the UK Government and chair of the OASIS Adoption Forum, which takes place in London from 27-29 November.

Focusing on these very real, modern-day threats, 'Managing Secure Interactions in Sector Applications' will be the theme of the third annual event. The OASIS Adoption Forum brings together users, government agencies, researchers and developers from the international community to discover how open standards for security are being implemented and what the future holds in this area.

This year's sessions will cover sensitive key areas such as identity management, access control, authentication in e-Government, and SOA and security. Attendees will examine approaches to these topics, while discussing new ideas to help individuals and their organisations make informed choices.

Keynote speakers

Keynote presenters include Karel De Vriendt, Head of Unit for the European Commission, Enterprise and Industry Directorate-General, and Mark D. Ferrar, Director of Infrastructure at the Technology Office for UK's National Health Service (NHS) Connecting for Health.

A closing panel, moderated by Nigel Stanley, Practice Leader for IT Security at Bloor Research, will address the relationship between open source tools and open standards for security.

Workshop on PKI

A special workshop related to the state and future of the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) will also be included in the programme — on 27-28 November. This will explore the use of PKI in business applications around the world. Case studies will be followed by an interactive panel discussion, featuring major PKI implementers in Europe.

The workshop will be an open dialogue in which attendees will be encouraged to advance their own experiences with PKI. The goal is to collectively access how PKI is being used today, its potential to interact with newer technologies, and alternatives for ways in which the standard should evolve.

Also featured at the forum will be OASIS standards, including the eXtensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML), Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), and WS-Security will be featured, as well as specifications under development, such as Web Services Reliable Messaging (WSRM).

Attendance at the forum and PKI workshop is open to all, although space is limited to ensure productive discussions. The event is supported by ITU, eema, Liberty Alliance, CEN/ISSS, and ICTSB, and members of those organisations are eligible to register at the OASIS member discount.

For more information on the November 27-29 event visit:

Additional funding for the OASIS Adoption Forum is provided by BEA Systems, EDS, IBM, Intel, PTC, SAP, and Sun Microsystems. Xenos will host a reception for all attendees.

Information for editors

The texts of issue-related interviews will be made available featuring Karel De Vriendt, Head of Unit for the European Commission, Enterprise and Industry Directorate-General, Mark D. Ferrar, Director of Infrastructure at the Technology Office for UK's National Health Service (NHS) Connecting for Health, and Peter Alterman, Asst. CIO, EAuthentication for the US National Institutes of Health.


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