Jobs at OASIS

General Contracting Opportunities

From time to time, in connection with its activities in support of standardization-related projects, OASIS enters into independent contractor arrangements with appropriate professionals, usually on a limited, part-time basis, with a defined scope for the completion of specific projects. Typical engagements include specification or schema editing work, the analysis and preparation of reports on particular standards artifacts, and similar projects. Some level of domain expertise or experience is usually required.

The availability of these projects depends on community demand and funding availability from a variety of sources. Persons who would like to be considered for potential work on future projects may contact us, with resume information and an indication of expertise or interest, at

Contract Document Editor - ISO formatting

The contractor will reformat and reorder four OASIS Standards to meet ISO publication requirements using ISO simple template and conventions ( The OASIS Standards to be processed are:

- OASIS ebXML Messaging Services Version 3.0: Core Features (ODT format, 11 pages)
- AS4 Profile of ebMS 3.0 Version 1.0 (ODT format, 57 pages)
- OASIS ebXML RegRep Version 4.0 (ODT format, 6 parts, 202 pages total)
- ebXML Business Process Spec. Schema Technical Specification v2.0 (ODT format, 118 pages)

Work will include applying ISO style sheets to the work, reordering sections as needed to meet ISO requirements, making any other identified changes necessary to meet ISO requirements, and submitting reformatted work to TCs for review and approval. Work will not include transposition of RFC2119 keywords to ISO keywords as this requires expertise in the content of the standards.

Work includes one round of review and correction. If additional rounds of review and correction are required, work will be performed at the agreed hourly rate.

Work will be verified as correct by approval of the members of the Technical Committee.

Work expected to complete within one month of agreement to proceed.

Send your proposal to including your:
- flat rate/page for the first version
- hourly rate for additional review and revision
- estimate of time to deliver final specification documents - in both total work hours and calendar time.