William Cox, Ph.D.

William Cox, Ph.D., was recognized as an OASIS Distinguished Contributor in 2010. Bill has developed enterprise product architectures for Bell Labs, Unix System Labs, Novell, and BEA, and conducted related work in OASIS, ebXML, the Java Community Process, OMG, and the IEEE. He is past chair and a continuing member of the OASIS Technical Advisory Board, concentrating on outreach and engagement in new areas of technical standardization. His talks and tutorials on succeeding in standards development are widely used and referenced. Bill is co-chair of the OASIS SOA-EERP, Energy Market Information Exchange (EMIX), and Energy Interoperation TCs, and a member of the WS-Calendar and SOA Reference Model TCs. He is a co-author of the Business Transaction Processing Primer, WS-Transaction and WS-Coordination, and many technical papers and presentations. He earned a Ph.D. and M.S. in Computer Sciences from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.