Francis Beland

Executive Director

Francis Beland (, the OASIS Executive Director, is responsible for the organization’s overall operation, in addition to helping define its cohesive strategies and policies to deliver the best value to its members. He works closely with OASIS staff and the Board of Directors to help the organization realize the tremendous advantage in integrating the best of open standards and open source communities. 

Throughout his career, Francis has served as a partner at Global Accelerated Ventures and Oceans.Studio, E-TRON Technologies, and Deloitte/Monitor Group. In addition, he was vice president at the XPRIZE Foundation, where he led numerous innovation projects.

A global thought leader with a passion for disruptive technology, Francis has developed large-scale transformational programs with robust commercial leadership. He has led corporate innovation across industry sectors, including pioneering breakthroughs in electron beam process technology, grid-scale energy storage, tuberculosis diagnostics, space exploration, healthcare, and brain-computer interface technology.

Francis was an open innovation advisor to the European Commission, an Entrepreneur in Residence for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and a White House Advisor to develop new innovation pathways in the medical technology sector.

He holds a Masters of Applied Management and a Bachelors of Oceanography & Pure Physics from McGill University in Montreal, Canada.