Interoperability Demonstration Policy (2013-10-18)

Table of Contents

Steps to Organizing an OASIS Interop
Rules for Participation
Promotional Opportunities
Logistics and Budget
Proposal Guidelines
Internal TC Interoperability Activities
Guidelines Feedback


OASIS Interoperability Demonstrations (Interops) are public interoperability demonstrations that showcase multi-vendor implementations of approved OASIS work. Usually hosted in connection with a conference or trade show, OASIS Interops are official Consortium activities, endorsed by one or more OASIS Technical Committees (TCs), and mutually supported by OASIS staff and Interop Participants.

These Guidelines has been developed to insure fair participation, proper coordination, and maximum promotion for OASIS Interops. Members interested in organizing an OASIS Interop are advised to review these Guidelines and consult with the appropriate OASIS TC Chair(s) and OASIS staff.

Conference organizers interested in hosting an OASIS Interop at an upcoming event are encouraged to explore opportunities by emailing

Steps to Organizing an OASIS Interop

  1. OASIS Interops are designed to promote the adoption of approved work of one or more OASIS TCs. Specifications demonstrated, therefore, should have attained the status of OASIS Standard, OASIS Committee Specification or OASIS Committee Draft. In addition, OASIS Interops must gain the support of the OASIS TC(s) responsible for the specification(s) to be demonstrated prior to Proposal submission. The decision to support an Interop and the selection of the Interop Lead must be made by majority vote of the TC; thereafter, specific decisions regarding Interop staging and coordination will be made by majority vote of the Interop Participants.
  2. The supporting OASIS TC(s) must select an Interop Lead from its membership. Usually, the Interop Lead also represents a participating organization in the demonstration, but this is not required. The Interop Lead will be responsible, to the best of his or her ability, for ensuring that the event is planned and executed in a fair, vendor-neutral, and professional manner, appropriate to the operations of OASIS as an international standards consortium.
  3. The OASIS Interop Lead must submit a Proposal to OASIS staff with a list of intended participants as described in Rules for Participation. The Proposal must clearly state the anticipated technical requirements for participation, a rough description of anticipated connectivity/networking needs, and whether any conformance or interoperability criteria will apply or be tested as part of the event.
  4. The Proposal will be reviewed by OASIS management to ensure the Interop meets the requirements stated in these Guidelines.
  5. OASIS staff will assist the TC in locating an appropriate venue for the demo (if one was not identified in the Proposal). The process for this varies. In some cases, a conference organizer will approach OASIS staff asking for an Interop. In other instances, a TC will include a ‘wish list’ of venues with its Proposal, and OASIS staff will present the opportunity to the identified conference organizer. When the venue is set, OASIS staff will negotiate terms with the venue organizer and relay financial and logistical terms to the Interop Team. An OASIS staff member will be available to assist the Interop Lead with logistical details.
  6. A list of technical and marketing contacts for each InterOp Participant will be created and distributed by the Interop Lead to all participants and to OASIS staff.
  7. To facilitate Interop planning, OASIS staff will create one official e-mail list for technical participants and a second list for marketing contacts. Participants may subscribe to one or both lists if they wish. Archives of these email lists will be accessible by OASIS members only. In addition, Participants may choose to further restrict list access only to OASIS staff and the Interop Participants.

Rules for Participation

Interop Participants
Participation in an OASIS Interop is a benefit of membership and an opportunity for OASIS members to be recognized for the leadership role they play in developing standards. An Interop Participant is a Sponsor, Contributor, or Individual OASIS member that is taking part in the Interop. A Sponsor or Contributor may have more than one representative active in the Interop, but the organization itself is considered a single Interop Participant. Once formed, the Interop Team decides on most demonstration details by majority vote, with each Interop Participant casting one vote.

Interop Participants who hold Individual OASIS membership must clearly represent themselves and their own personal work.

Non-members of OASIS with implementations that meet the Interop requirements are encouraged to join OASIS in order to qualify as Interop Participants.

All Interop Participants must be confirmed by the Interop Team no later than 20 days prior to the scheduled demonstration. This lead time respects the inter-dependent nature of most Interops and ensures that all confirmed Interop Participants meet the demonstration requirements as set by the Interop Team. Confirmation of Interop Participants also gives OASIS staff and conference organizers adequate time to prepare promotional materials, (signage, collateral, etc). The Interop Team reserves the right to extend the lead time to accommodate more complex demonstration scenarios and to confirm additional Interop Participants after the deadline, provided they meet participation requirements and with the understanding that their inclusion in pre-printed promotional materials may not be possible.

Scenario Partners
An Interop Team may benefit by inviting input from one or more non-members to provide a real-world context for the demonstration scenario. Ideally, these Scenario Partners should represent non-commercial or not-for-profit organizations, i.e., government agencies or trade groups.

Promotional Opportunities

OASIS staff will coordinate all promotional activities relating to the Interop, with support from participants or their organizations’ designates. Such promotion may include the following:

  1. At least two announcements about the Interop will be made in editions of OASIS News, listing the Sponsor members that are participating.
  2. An announcement will be placed on the OASIS homepage.
  3. An entry will be placed on the OASIS Events and Events calendars.
  4. A press release may be created and distributed by OASIS staff in coordination with the Interop marketing contacts and the venue organizers. In order for a press release to be issued, at least three OASIS Foundational Sponsor or Sponsor-level members must participate in the InterOp. Only Foundational Sponsor and Sponsor-level members are eligible for OASIS promotional benefits, thus, those will be the only organizations named and quoted in an OASIS Interop press release. Contributors may upgrade their membership to take advantage of this benefit. See OASIS Membership Categories for more information on membership benefits and levels.
  5. A promotional flyer may be created by OASIS staff in coordination with Interop Participants describing the demo and the applicable OASIS Standard or Committee Draft.
  6. An onsite press event may be coordinated by OASIS staff depending on venue. The Interop Lead or designate will serve as spokesperson for this event.
  7. Participants will have the opportunity to distribute their own datasheet describing their product or implementation used in the demonstration.

Note: The OASIS Media Relations Guidelines will apply to materials and statements generated for the event, and among other things, may require OASIS staff review and clearance of official statements regarding the specification and the relevant Technical Committee.

Logistics and Budget

OASIS Interops are designed to be self-supporting and not revenue-generating. To offset expenses, each OASIS Interop Participant contributes 750 USD.

As Interop expenses vary based on venue, equipment requirements, event size, and number of Participants, it is not possible to determine, at the time an Interop is organized, a participation fee based on actual costs/number of participants. The flat fee of 750 USD provides all Committee members with a clear idea of the requirements upfront.

Each Interop Participant must remit payment of the participation fee or provide a company purchase order to OASIS at least 10 days prior to the event in order to participate.

Participation fees are used to cover production, shipping, drayage, rental fees, and staff coordination time required for:

  • booth signage
  • InterOp flyer, TC datasheets and/or other handout materials
  • audio-visual equipment
  • connectivity (internet/intranet)
  • hardware
  • presentation equipment, furniture
  • media relations
  • promotion
  • other expenses

One or more Interop Participants or OASIS Member Sections may offer to co-sponsor the Interop by underwriting expenses or making a major donation or equipment or services. If the Interop Team agrees to accept such contributions, the donors will be recognized as co-sponsors in Interop promotional materials.

Proposal Guidelines

Ideas for OASIS Interops should be submitted to as early as possible in the planning stage. Long lead times (up to a year) are often necessary to secure space at major conferences. Draft Proposals must be received by OASIS staff at least 60 days prior to the scheduled Interop and final Proposals with all confirmed participants must be received by OASIS staff at least 20 days prior to the scheduled Interop. Proposals must include the following information:

Sponsoring OASIS Technical Committee(s): •  TC Name(s) •  OASIS Standard(s) or OASIS Committee Draft(s) to be demonstrated (including version #) Interop Lead: Name Job Title Affiliation Contact Information, including phone, mobile, email Abstract: Interop Title Brief Interop Description (no more than one paragraph) Interop Abstract (500 words or more) Audience Level Logistics: Group Technical Requirements, e.g., audio visual, internet connectivity, computer rental, etc. Participant Requirements, i.e., equipment to be provided by each participating organization Amount of Time Needed for Demo Proposed Date (if available) Proposed Venue (if identified) Interop Participants: Name of Each OASIS Member Participating Scenario Partner (if any): Name of Organization or Individual Description of Value Added by Their Participation

Internal TC Interoperability Activities

OASIS recognizes that some TCs find value in internally testing specifications through non-promotional, informal, proof-of-concept activities (plug fests, etc.). The results of these activities are primarily intended to benefit further specification development. OASIS TC chairs are asked to notify of intentions to organize an internal TC proof-of-concept, however, formal Interop Proposals are not required and the Interop requirements stated in these Guidelines do not apply.

Guidelines Feedback

Suggestions that improve upon the above procedures or which seek to add value to the overall OASIS Interop Guidelines are welcomed. Please send comments to

Dates Approved:  Wed, 2005-04-27 Effective:  Wed, 2005-04-27