Member Section Activity Policy (1.0)

This document, approved 29 July 2004, is no longer in effect and is provided for archival purposes only. See the current version of the OASIS Member Section Policy.

OASIS is an open, international organization, developing and driving the adoption of standards for the global community. OASIS allows members to work together within Member Sections.

This policy defines the types of activities that can be conducted within a member section.

Activities of a Member Section Steering Committee

The following are the types of activities that a member section steering committee can engage in:

  1. Drafting charters for the formation of new Technical Committees to be affiliated with the member section.

  2. Oversee creation and progress of technical Committees in the Member Section domain to advance the mission of the Member Section.

  3. Create and maintain content for Member Section website, either using volunteers or external resource paid for by Member Section discretionary funds.

  4. Provide spokesperson(s) for press/analyst briefings, as coordinated by OASIS staff.

  5. Provide quarterly reports to OASIS management on the actual and planned activities and expenses of the Member Section.

  6. Establish budgets and priorities for the disbursement of member section funds.

  7. Direct use of discretionary funds as approved and administered by OASIS management, including but not limited to the following:

    • Outside contractors;
    • Printing and design of collateral materials;
    • Conference participation;
    • Travel expenses for OASIS staff conducting pre-approved work on behalf of the Member Section;
    • Dedicated IT and infrastructure costs;
    • Dedicated technical resources;
    • Professional fees specific to Member Section activities; and
    • OASIS memberships and other payments specific to the Member Section.

Activities of the Member Section Members

The following are the types of activities that the members of a member section can engage in:

  1. Vote in the election of steering committee members.
  2. Discuss and provide feedback on the overall direction and program of work of the member section activities.
  3. Provide feedback to the member section steering committee on plans and decisions which the steering committee makes.

Activities of Member Section Technical Committees

  • The technical committees which are formed to operate within the guidance of the member section are governed by the same set of policies that govern all OASIS TCs.
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Thu, 2004-07-29