Use this form to assign Project Administration the task of creating a GitHub version control instance for your TC, to support chartered activities of the Technical Committee. TC GitHub’s are only set up for Technical Committees.

Use of the GitHub repository is restricted to TC Members only. Pull-requests from non-members must be rejected. However, public feedback to the TC via the GitHub repo via issues is welcome. Any feedback provided by non-TC members is governed by the terms of the OASIS Feedback License and the IPR Mode adopted by the TC.

See GitHub Repositories for OASIS TC Members’ Chartered Work for more information.

Contact Project Administration with any questions or comments.

Request a TC GitHub version control instance be created

Use this form to assign Project Administration the task of creating a GitHub version control instance for your TC.
  • Please enter the full name of the Technical Committee or Open Project.
  • Enter the main working email address for your project (e.g. or ). A confirmation copy of this assignment will be sent to the address.
  • The GitHub repository name must begin with TC's short name in lower case (e.g., 'tosca' in Additional name elements may be appended with a HYPHEN (e.g., The optional additional name element must also be in lower case.
  • Enter a brief description (fewer than 300 characters) to be displayed near the top of the TC Open Repository project page.
  • You may provide a longer purpose statement for the GitHub repository. The statement of purpose should describe key goals, objectives, tangible deliverables, and range of topics envisioned for the GitHub repository. It will be included in the repository’s README file.
  • Enter the name(s) of one or more TC members appointed to serve as initial Maintainer(s) for the project. Include name, email address, GitHub username, member company or "Individual Member"
  • Provide a link to the meeting minutes or ballot documenting the TC approval to set up the TC GitHub. See TC Motion Language Templates for a sample motion language.
  • Provide any additional information you wish to communicate to Project Administration here.