Members of OASIS Technical Committees who are contemplating creation of one or more TC Open Repositories are encouraged to review the documentation published in the Rules,
FAQ, and other resources as presented in the Overview document.

For the purpose of TC discussion about a proposed TC Open Repository, it will be beneficial to focus on key elements of a well-formed written proposal, which should include (for example) at least the following:

  • Purpose Statement: TC Members should draft a Purpose Statement to define the key goals, objectives, tangible deliverables, and range of topics. This statement will clarify principal project development goals, and provide the basis for attracting community participants.

  • Initial Maintainer(s): The proposal should identify one or more TC members willing and otherwise qualified to serve as initial Maintainer(s) for any TC Open Repository. Ideally, such person(s) would have substantial experience with GitHub or similar distributed version control system. Alternatively, if the TC members have informal commitment from someone outside the TC who could serve as the key technical lead, plans could be drafted to approve that person as lead Maintainer once the project has been launched.

  • Open Source License: TC Members need to select a single open source license that will govern all contributions to the TC Open Repository, identifying one of the then-current supported open source licenses.

  • GitHub Repository Name: The proposal should include selection of a candidate GitHub repository name for the TC Open Repository, suggestive of the main focus. Such GitHub repository name will be composed with HYPHEN following the official TC short name in lower case (as used in Kavi, Mailing List archives, OASIS Library, Wiki, etc), followed by a repository identifier string unique to TC Open Repositories for each TC. Composed thus: tcShortName-repoID, where the substring in repoID suggests the specific repository topic. The repoID identifier portion following tcShortName+HYPHEN must contain no SPACE, UNDERSCORE, or other punctuation characters other than HYPHEN and FULL STOP. The GitHub repository name must use only lower case orthography. Syntax-valid examples of GitHub names: cti-stix-schemas-test ; amqp-v1.0-tests ; dita-utilities, where the last-mentioned would be identified by this repository URI:

  • Short Description: The proposal should include a succinct textual description of the TC Open Repository (fewer than 300 characters) beginning with this identifier lead-in “OASIS TC Open Repository: “. The description will be displayed prominently on the GitHub project main page.

  • Initial Repository Content: TC Members should identify any existing content to be used as a starting point, including any repository that is envisioned for forking, transfer, or import as the starting point for creation of content in the candidate OASIS TC Open Repository.

See also OASIS TC Open Repository Request Form.


Please send any feedback or questions to TC Open Repository Administration at