Cloud Standards Cooordination (ETSI) Regional Informal
Australia Attorney General Governmental Informal
IEEE SDO Informal

Standards policy; SOA, Cloud, EML (L Liscia, J Clark)
Cloud Credential Council Industry org Informal

SOA, Cloud, Testing (C Ensign, J Clark)
EEMA Industry org and Regional Informal

Ctbersecurity, access control, IdM, SOA/WS (J Harnad)
IETF Global and SDO Informal

Global standards policy, IdM, networking (D Schur, J Clark)
China Nat’l Institute of Standards Regional and SDO Informal

Documents, Energy, eGov, UOML, DITA (L Liscia, A Shi)
Cloud Standards Customer Council Industry org Informal

SOA, Cloud, web servcies, big data (C Ensign, J Clark)
Internet Society Global and Industry org Informal

Global standards policy, IdM; TAMIE, TAG, eGov, Trust Elevation (L Liscia, J Clark)
Open Data Center Alliance Industry initiative Informal

SOA, web services, Cloud TCs (C Ensign, J Clark)
The Open Group Industry org and SDO Informal

Testing, SOA: TAMIE, TAG, SOA-RM, ID-Cloud, TOSCA (P Brown, K Laskey, J Clark)
OpenID Foundation / OIX Industry org Informal

Testing, IdM; SAML, XRI (D Schur, J Clark)

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