Request a second or subsequent public review for an approved draft

Use this form to request that TC Administration publish a document and release it for its second or later public review. See Holding a public review for background information.

You can include the request to publish the approved Committee Specification Draft in this ticket. Make sure your approval minutes have motions for both the CSD and for the public review.

Please submit one request for each public review; do not group multiple review requests together.

Contact TC Administration with any questions.

Please enter the full name of the TC
Please enter the TC's main email address. A copy of your request will be sent to the TC.
If the TC approved publication of a Committee Draft and simultaneously approved its release for public review, select the first option. If the Draft is already published on and the TC has now approved its release, select the second option.
Enter the title and the version number of the approved work product.
Provide the link to the email containing the comment resolution log reporting comments received and the TC's decisions on their disposition from the previous public review. See Handling comments received during a public review for background information.
Please include a short abstract of the specification for inclusion in the review notice. If no abstract is provided, the text from the previous public review will be used.
Please include the names and email addresses of any individuals or groups outside OASIS you would like notified of the review. These parties will be copied on the review announcement.
Provide any other information here.