Request a Special Majority Vote to proceed to Candidate OASIS Standard

Use this form to request that TC Administration conduct a Special Majority Vote to approve submitting a Committee Specification to the OASIS membership as a Candidate OASIS Standard. See the OASIS TC Process Approval of an OASIS Standard for background information.

Please enter one request ticket for each submission vote you are requesting. Do not group multiple ballot requests together in one ticket.

Submission of the information requested below is required by the OASIS TC Process.

Contact TC Administration with any questions.

Enter the TC email address. A copy of this request will be sent to the TC.
Enter the title and version number of Committee Specification to be approved as a Candidate OASIS Standard
Enter the link to the directory on where the Committee Specification to be submitted and alls its associated artifacts are published.
Enter the link(s) to the editable source files for the Committee Specification to be submitted.
Please select the appropriate choice.
Enter a brief description of the specification that can be provided with the membership ballot. Submission is required by the TC Process.
Enter a brief statement regarding the relationship of this specification to similar work of other OASIS TCs or other standards developing organizations.
Statements of Use
The TC must be in possession of a minimum of three Statements of Use (SoU) before proceeding to Candidate OASIS Standard. At least one SoU must be from an OASIS member. See OASIS TC Process Approval of an OASIS Standard for more information.
If more than 3 statements of use were provided, you may list the URIs here (one per line).
Public Reviews
Below, provide the links to the work product's public review announcements and the links to the corresponding comment resolution logs.
Provide the URL of the 30-day Public Review announcement ( )
Enter the link to email message to the TC's mailing list reporting the disposition of any comments received. If a comment resolution log was prepared by the TC, the announcement should contain a link to that file.
If additional Public Reviews were held, list the URI for each additional announcement here ( ), one per line.
For each additional public review, enter the links to the email messages to the TC's mailing list reporting the disposition of any comments received.
Indicate whether there were earlier attempts to standardize this specification. If "Yes" please provide additional information in the Notes box below.
If the TC wishes to include explanatory sources of information promoting the COS, please include pointers to that information here.
Provide any other information here.