Publish an Errata Draft

Use this form to request that TC Administration publish a Errata Draft from your approved Working Draft. See the OASIS TC Process, 3.5 Approved Errata for background information.

To publish an Errata Draft and request its public review, enter the appropriate public review request ticket only. You are no longer required to file two forms in order to launch a public review.

Please enter one request ticket for each Errata Draft you are submitting. Do not group multiple specifications together in one ticket.

Contact TC Administration with any questions.

Enter the TC email address. A copy of this request will be sent to the TC.
Enter the Errata Draft title and version number.
If the TC is also providing a copy of the Standard incorporating draft errata, please provide the link to the zip file.
If this Draft has been through an earlier public review, provide the link to the comment resolution log reporting comments received and the TC's decisions on their disposition. See Handling comments received during a public review for background and instructions.
Provide any other information here.
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