Request TAB pre-review comments

The OASIS Technical Advisory Board (TAB) endeavors to provide public comments on all Committee Specification Drafts during their first public review. Use this form to request that the TAB provide comments on a working draft in advance of its first formal public review.

The TAB will provide a spread sheet with comments within 15 days of receipt of the request. Comments will be send to the TC's comment mailing list. If the TC uses JIRA to track issues, the comments can be copied over from the TAB's JIRA project.

Our goal is to give TCs feedback on typical editorial types of issues the TAB observes while they can be easily incorporated into the spec in draft stage. TAB comments generally address aspects of specifications that can make them easier for a reader to understand and implement.

Contact the TAB with any questions.

Enter the TC email address. A copy of this request will be sent to the TC.
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