The first step in developing an OASIS Committee Specification or Committee Note is to prepare a Working Draft. A working draft is simply a preliminary version of a Work Product that has not been approved by the TC as an approved draft. Working Drafts are typically prepared in:

  • Open Office (.ODT) format
  • MS Word (.DOC) format
  • Custom XML publishing systems

To start a Working Draft in either of the word processing formats, do the following:

  • Request a starter document from TC Administration using the Work Product Registration / Template Request form. You will need to provide the preliminary Work Product title (the title can be changed later), the work product abbreviation (generally based on the TC abbreviation), the format requested and the names of the chairs and editors of the work.

TC Administration will prepare a starter document with the OASIS styles, metadata and required section holders already in place. In addition, TC Administration will provide you with the URL that will be used when the document is published (e.g.

If you want to work in native XML, please contact TC Administration to discuss the requirements for the composed files that you deliver for publication and public review. Existing XML toolkits for DocBook and DITA that have been prepared by OASIS members will soon be available on the TC Administration homepage.


The starter template will have a filename ending in "-wd01." As you prepare subsequent drafts of the work, you should increment Working Draft revision number in the file name and on the cover page of the draft to keep successive versions distinct.

Note that the styles in the template have been set up to enable TC Administration to publish your work in HTML and PDF from your word processing source documents seamlessly. If you modify the styles to customize your draft you may inadvertently cause delays in preparing your drafts when you submit them for public review.

Before voting to approve a Working Draft as a Committee Specification Draft or Committee Note Draft, the editor should review the document against the requirements of TC Process section 2.18, Work Product Quality and the OASIS Naming Directives. The Technical Committee Document Submission Checklist can help you quickly review the key requirements and ensure that your submission conforms.

If any errors are found during this quality review, the editor will need to make the necessary changes, upload a new Working Draft to the TC's document repository and then have the TC vote to approve the new Working Draft. Submitting a Working Draft that does not meet the requirements of the TC Process may result in TC Administration returning the draft to you to correct before proceeding.