OASIS Technical Committee membership is held by a person (not an organization), is not transferable, and assumes current membership in OASIS. When joining a TC, a person chooses to participate as either an Observer or TC Member based on the participation and visibility benefits they desire.

Participation Benefits

Rights/Responsibilities TC Observer TC Member
Non-Voting Voting
Subscribed to the TC mail list
Attends TC meetings
May post to TC mail list
May actively participate at TC meetings
Eligible to make technical Contributions to the TC (as defined in OASIS IPR Policy)
Requires approval of employer’s Primary Contact to join TC
Counts towards quorum at TC meetings
Votes on TC ballots

Voting Rights

A TC Member automatically gains or loses voting rights based on meeting attendance. Members who do not wish to gain voting rights may request “Persistent Non-Voting” status by written request to the TC chair and the TC mailing list.

Visibility Benefits

The TC Observer role enables OASIS members to monitor a TC’s work without being publicly associated with it. Visibility is based on the level of OASIS membership held by your employer (Premier, General Sponsor, or Contributor) or by yourself (Individual or Associate).

Visibility TC Observer TC Member
Individual Associate Contributor Premier and General Sponsor
Person listed in public minutes of TC meetings 
Person listed on private TC roster (visible to OASIS members only)
Employer listed on private TC roster     
Person listed on public TC roster  
Employer listed on public TC roster    
Person credited on TC specifications and documents  
Employer credited on TC specifications and documents      
Employer featured and quoted (optionally) in OASIS press releases and analyst briefings relevant to TC work        
Employer featured on public TC home page and data sheet