Akoma Ntoso Version 1.0

Defining a common legal document standard for the specification of parliamentary, legislative, and judicial documents, for their interchange between institutions anywhere in the world, and for the creation of a common data and metadata model that allows experience, expertise, and tools to be shared and extended by all participating peers, courts, Parliaments, Assemblies, Congresses, and administrative branches of governments.

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OASIS LegalDocumentML (LegalDocML) TC

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August 2018

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Akoma Ntoso Version 1.0 Part 1: XML Vocabulary. Edited by Monica Palmirani, Roger Sperberg, Grant Vergottini, and Fabio Vitali.
29 August 2018. OASIS Standard.
Latest version: http://docs.oasis-open.org/legaldocml/akn-core/v1.0/akn-core-v1.0-part1-vocabulary.html.

Akoma Ntoso Version 1.0. Part 2: Specifications. Edited by Fabio Vitali, Monica Palmirani, Roger Sperberg, and VĂ©ronique Parisse.
29 August 2018. OASIS Standard.
Latest version: http://docs.oasis-open.org/legaldocml/akn-core/v1.0/akn-core-v1.0-part2-specs.html.