Context/value association using genericode 1.0

Describes the file format used in a “context/value association” file (termed in short as “a CVA file”). This file format is an XML vocabulary using address expressions to specify hierarchical document contexts and their associated constraints. A document context specifies one or more locations found in an XML document or other similarly structured hierarchy of information. A constraint is expressed as either an explicit expression evaluation or as a value inclusion in one or more controlled vocabularies of values. This file format specification assumes a controlled vocabulary of values is expressed in an external resource described by the OASIS genericode standard.

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OASIS Code List Representation Technical Committee

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April 2010

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[context-value-assoc-v1.0] Context/value association using genericode 1.0. Edited by G. Ken Holman. 15 April 2010. OASIS Committee Specification 01. Latest version: