Electronic Court Filing Version 4.01

Defines the LegalXML Electronic Court Filing 4.01 (ECF 4.0) specification, which consists of a set of non-proprietary XML and Web services specifications, along with clarifying explanations and amendments to those specifications, that have been added for the purpose of promoting interoperability among electronic court filing vendors and systems. ECF Version 4.01 is a maintenance release to address several minor schema and definition issues identified by implementers of the ECF 4.0 specification.

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OASIS LegalXML Electronic Court Filing TC

Voting history:

Voting History, May 2013
Voting History for Approved Errata 01, July 2014
Voting History for Approved Errata 02, July 2015

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[ECF v4.01]
Electronic Court Filing Version 4.01 Plus Errata 02. Edited by Adam Angione and James Cabral. 07 July 2015. OASIS Standard incorporating Approved Errata 02.
Latest version: http://docs.oasis-open.org/legalxml-courtfiling/specs/ecf/v4.01/ecf-v4.01-spec/errata02/ecf-v4.01-spec-errata02-complete.html.