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Open Project Technical Committee Foundation-as-a-Service
Mission Develop in an open source community with a path to standardization Develop in member-driven collaboration with a path to standardization Organize a stand-alone group under your own rules
Set up your own governing board No,
although TC elects its officers
Define some of your own procedural rules, workflow, and approval processes
Provided no conflict with OP Rules
Must use TC Process rules
Technical Work
Keep communications and work products private
Select collaboration tools and applications (instead of or in addition to those provided by OASIS)
pending OASIS approval
Must use TC tools, may supplement if necessary, pending OASIS approval
Have work ratified as OASIS Standard Only if Foundation forms OP or TC(s)
Submit work via OASIS to int'l de jure bodies, e.g. ISO, IEC, ITU Only if Foundation forms OP or TC(s)
Restrict membership to specific orgs or industries
Allow people to actively participate in technical work without paying dues
Accept contributed work from non-members
Cover costs of technical administration
Cover costs of basic marketing and promotion Included Included Additional fee applies
Cover costs of special events, consultants, other Additional fees may be required (depends on activity cost and project sponsorship) Additional fees may be required (depends on activity cost and TC size) Additional fee applies
Launch with a minimum commitment of… Sponsorship threshold determined by specific project needs (Each sponsor pays OP dues) 5 participants representing at least 2 OASIS TC member organizations $50K (first year's annual fiscal/legal admin fee)
Have your own web presence Stand-alone website Web pages hosted on OASIS site Stand-alone website
Display OASIS branding in your materials Recommended Required Optional