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Updated: Tuesday - 7 January 2002

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Date and Version



7 January 2003

Latest Spreadsheets from Mike


30 December 2002

Latest / Final Scope Doc


23 December 2002

Scope Doc with comments by NDR's Michael Grimley


23 December 2002

Scope Doc comments by Matt Gertner


22 December 2002

Spreadsheet with comments by Monica


20 December 2002

XML-schema for Orders V0p2 by Gunther


20 December 2002

Latest version of LCSC business documents by Gunther


20 December 2002

Latest version of Invoice spreadsheet


16 December 2002

SAP suggestions and comments


16 December 2002

SAP version of Normalized Model


29 November 2002

Latest version of Normalized spreadsheet and Issues log


12 November 2002

Pre Face to Face version of Normalized spreadsheet and Issues log

Draft-adcock-scopeV0-08_mm1_110802.doc and Scope Diagram - mja v0-02.ppt

12 November 2002

Scope Document


1 Nov 2002 Version 1

A class diagram done by Mike Adcock of the normalized components. This document updated the class diagram done by Tim earlier.

WIP - Scope Statement Document and Scope Statement Change Log

1 Nov 2002

Most recent version from Mike Adcock, along with a change log with questions. This document was updated on today's QA call, we included change notes in Change document.

Current ISSUES document

7 Nov 2002 V4pt03

Issues list re: normalized model


29 Oct 2002 0p70 Version 1

Slides showing the assembly of ABIEs required for the 0p70 Order document.

UBL_Library-0p66v2-WIP ex Burlington CHANGE LOG to 0p70.xls

29 Oct 2002 0p66v2 to 0p70

This is the older version of the spreadsheet with changes marked in far left column.

Updated to: normalized components9 0p70 excel.xls
Older Versions: normalized components8 0p70 excel.xls

4 Nov 2002 v9-0p70

This is the new reused types after being normalized.

Tim's Instructions for going through new model documents.

document design process.jpg

29 Oct 2002

This is a slide from Burlington Face to Face, showing design flow


29 Oct 2002 0p70

Class diagram of Order


29 Oct 2002 0p70v1

Example of Reused types and Order built from normalized components document.