Acronym -- An often pronounceable word made from the initial (or selected) letters of a name or phrase


Mixed Content Model

Acronym ::=


Common attributes

Tag Minimization

Both the start- and end-tags are required for this element.

Parameter Entities



A pronounceable contraction of initials. An acronym is often printed in all capitals or small capitals, although this is sometimes incorrect (consider dpi or bps).

Processing expectations

Formatted inline. The MoreInfo attribute can help generate a link or query to retrieve additional information.


These elements contain Acronym: Abbrev, Acronym, Application, Attribution, BiblioMisc, BridgeHead, Citation, CiteTitle, Comment, Emphasis, entry, FirstTerm, ForeignPhrase, GlossEntry, GlossSee, GlossSeeAlso, GlossTerm, Label, LineAnnotation, Link, LiteralLayout, LoTentry, ManVolNum, Member, MsgAud, OLink, Para, Phrase, Primary, PrimaryIE, ProductName, ProgramListing, Quote, RefEntryTitle, RefPurpose, Screen, ScreenInfo, Secondary, SecondaryIE, See, SeeAlso, SeeAlsoIE, SeeIE, Seg, SegTitle, SimPara, Subtitle, Synopsis, SystemItem, Term, Tertiary, TertiaryIE, Title, TitleAbbrev, ToCback, ToCentry, ToCfront, ULink, WordAsWord.


The following elements occur in Acronym: Acronym, Anchor, Comment, Emphasis, IndexTerm, InlineGraphic, InlineMediaObject, Link, OLink, Subscript, Superscript, Trademark, ULink.

In some contexts, the following elements are allowed anywhere: BeginPage, IndexTerm.

In some contexts, the following elements are excluded: Acronym, IndexTerm.

See Also

Abbrev, Emphasis, ForeignPhrase, Phrase, Quote, WordAsWord


<!DOCTYPE para PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook V3.1//EN">
In the United States, <acronym>NASA</> stands for the 
National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

In the United States, NASA stands for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

For additional examples, see also Application, Command, Glossary, Hardware, Option, RefEntry, VariableList.

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