OtherAddr -- Uncategorized information in address


Mixed Content Model

OtherAddr ::=


Common attributes

Tag Minimization

Both the start- and end-tags are required for this element.


Within an Address, OtherAddr is a wrapper for parts of an address other than Street, POB, Postcode, City, State, Country, Phone, Fax, and Email, all of which have elements specific to their content.

In early versions of DocBook, Address was not allowed to contain character data (it was a database-like collection of fields). In that context, a wrapper was necessary for any random pieces of information that might be required for an address. With the introduction of character data directly in the Address element, OtherAddr may have lost most of its raison d'être.

Processing expectations

Formatted inline. This element may inherit the verbatim qualities of an Address.


These elements contain OtherAddr: Address.


The following elements occur in OtherAddr: Comment, Emphasis, IndexTerm, InlineGraphic, InlineMediaObject, Link, OLink, Replaceable, Subscript, Superscript, Trademark, ULink.

In some contexts, the following elements are allowed anywhere: BeginPage, IndexTerm.

In some contexts, the following elements are excluded: IndexTerm.

See Also

Address, City, Country, Email, Fax, Phone, POB, Postcode, State, Street


For examples, see Address.

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