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Chapter 3. Payment Methods

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Users select how they want to pay their bill. KaviŽ Billing can be configured to accept many different payment methods such as credit card, check, or wire transfer. For each payment method offered, the organization must provide instructions that will be shown to users when they select that payment method.

Payment Method Type

Each payment method is either automatic (e.g. Credit Card) or manual(e.g. Check or Wire Transfer). Kavi Billing currently supports only one automatic method; credit card. Once this method has been added, the link to Add an Automatic Method will no longer be available. If the user selects to pay by credit card, the payment will be automatically sent to Kavi Commerce for processing.

Multiple manual payment methods can be added. When a user selects a manual payment method, the bill is marked as Pending Payment. The billing administrator will need to mark these bills as paid once payment has been received. See Admin Tools: Pay a Bill for more information on manually completing bills.

Payment Number

Payment numbers are typically used with manual payment methods to track details about the payment. For example, payment numbers are typically used with check payments to track the check number on the check with which a bill was paid.

Payment numbers can only be entered by billing administrators when marking a bill as paid.

Payment Instructions

Payment instructions are shown to users when paying bills and can be included in printable invoice templates and email. Payment instructions for credit card payments are automatically supplied by Kavi Billing. For manual payments, the instructions should be detailed and clear. Simple HTML formatting will help make your instructions easier to read.

HTML formatted payment instructions displayed when paying by check:

        <p>Make checks payable to:</p>
        <blockquote><b>Bridge City Technical Association</b></blockquote>
        <p>Mail checks to:</p>
        <address>PO Box 1234<br />
        Portland, OR 97214</address>
        <p>Please write the Bill ID printed above on your check.</p>


A surcharge can be added for a payment methods to cover the additional costs involved in using this payment method. This amount will automatically be added to any bill paid with that payment method. Surcharges are always a fixed amount; you cannot add a surcharge that is a percentage of the bill total.


A payment method is either Active or Inactive. An Active payment method will be available for the users to select when paying their bills. An Inactive payment method will be hidden on bill payment forms.


There is no way to conditionally hide a payment method. All active payment methods show up on every bill regardless of what the bill is for or the bill's amount.


The default payment method will be preselected when paying a bill. Only one method can be marked as Default at a time.

Editing and Deleting Payment Methods

All payment method fields except the payment method type can be edited by a Super Admin. However, once a payment method is in use by a bill, it cannot be deleted although it can be made inactive.

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