Modify a Ballot

Use this form to modify (edit closing dates), re-open (change ballot status from closed to open, and edit the closing date), or amend (add text to) an existing group ballot. An amendment is a permanent addition to a ballot and cannot be deleted. Note: You must have Ballot Manage privileges to modify a ballot.

Note: Eligible voters are sent an email notifying them of the amendment when it is created. Voters who have already voted may vote again, if the ballot has been configured to allow revoting.

To modify or amend a ballot:

  1. From All Groups, click the name of the group whose ballot you want to amend. This takes you to the home page for that group.
  2. Click the Ballots tab. This takes you to the Group Ballots page for that group.
  3. In the Open Ballots section, find the ballot you want to modify and click the ballot name. This takes you to the Ballot Details page.
  4. On the Ballot Details page, click Modify. This takes you to the Modify Ballot page.
  5. Review the ballot name, description and details.
  6. In the Amendment Text text box, enter the text you want to append to the ballot description. All characters are allowed, with no maximum limit. However, HTML is not allowed.
  7. Review the Ballot Opening Time. This time cannot be changed after the ballot has opened.
  8. Review the Ballot Closing Time. You can change the scheduled closing time at any time before the ballot closes, but the open date cannot be changed after ballot has opened. If you want to close the ballot immediately, use the Close Ballot tool.
  9. For Ballot Results, review who can view the ballot results, when the results will be made visible, and what type of results will be show.  
  10. For Can voters change their vote?, select whether you want to let voters vote as many times as they want before the ballot closes. This is especially helpful if the ballot is amended, since it allows the voters to change their votes after considering the amendment.
  11. For Email Notifications, you may check the box to email eligible voters about this amendment. You may also check the box to email eligible voters when this ballot opens and closes. If you would like a reminder sent to all eligible voters who have not voted by a specific date, check "Send a reminder to eligible voters..." and select the date and time here.
  12. Review the remaining fields and modify them if desired.
  13. When you finish, click Preview Amendment to see the amendment before you create it or Cancel to return to the Group Ballots page without amending the ballot. Note: An amendment is a permanent addition to a ballot and cannot be deleted.

Note: Required fields are designated by an asterisk (*). If you click Preview and a required field is left blank, an error message appears in red next to the blank field heading. Enter the required information and click Preview again. If you click Preview Amendment, you go to the Ballot Amendment Preview page where you can review your amendment before creating it.

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