The following are notes taken at our 29 March 1999 Board Meeting.
Present: Jon Parsons, Norbert Mikula, Bill Smith, Carla Corkern, Simon Nicholson, Laura Walker

Financials and Operations Report - Laura
CGM Open Update - Carla and Simon
99 Budget - Laura
Planning for Granada - All
OASIS Website - Laura
Update on vote re Norbert's term - Laura
Industry group meeting in June status review - Laura

Financials/Ops Report & Budget - Budget has been updated, but may need to be reworked as Laura becomes familiar with the consortium's financial activities. ACTION: Laura to distribute finalized budget, and to schedule review for updates as necessary (6+ weeks from now)

CGM Open - if CGM Open decides to withdraw membership during the trial period, they've asked that a pro rata share of their be refunded. Our response is that it is extremely complicated from an accounting standpoint. If they do withdraw, we would refund the entire amount that has been transferred to us, minus any direct expenses we incur on their behalf. We would retain any dues paid during the time CGM Open operates under our umbrella. NOTE TO LAURA: members of both should earmark their money for spending on either OASIS or CGM Open items. Remember to remind members of this when invoicing.

Board Meeting - dinner Sunday 25 April, after Marketing meeting Spring Workshop - Remind committee chairs send email about agendas. ACTIONS:
1. Simon to confirm speaker availability and time with Laura for start time of Marketing meeting on 25 April.
2. Norbert to create Tech Committee meeting agenda and distribute
3. Norbert, Laura to submit meeting room requirements to Carol by 1 April

EXTENDING NORBERT'S TERM - so far, 23 votes received, all in favor. Voting closes end of day 31 March. Results to be announced 1 April.

June "Industry Standardization" event -
1. Laura will send to Board + Jon Bosak an email outlining concept and possible attendees.
2. Board will add to list of attendees.
Once concept is finalized, Board will divvy up responsibility for telephoning possible attendees to float idea.
3. After Granada, Carol and Laura will put together invite and work out logistics.

GCA Proposal - ACTION: Carla will append new suggestions to proposal, distribute to board for approval and then submit to GCA.

CommerceNet - Board agrees that pursuing affiliate membership is a good thing. Norbert will be rep on ECHO working group. ACTION: Laura to follow up with Bob.

Korean Website - Hold off until we know more about the organization. ACTION: Laura to respond to inquiry and to talk with Darci about situation.