[Delicious lobster] When it comes to developing standards, you're either at the table... or you're on the menu. * Influence the standards that affect you * Increase demand and reduce costs * Be recognized for your contributions * Connect with potential customers and suppliers. OASIS. You belong here. Join [Tattooed lady] Not your mother's standards body. * Use REST, JSON, XML... * Pick your IPR mode: non-assert, RF... * Start new work with just five members * Produce standards that are free forever. OASIS. You belong here. Join [A walnut, hinged open] IoT in a nutshell. Crack open the latest ideas, innovations, and announcements in the weekly newsletter devoted to IoT and M2M standards. Internet of Things. Interoperate.

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Context Server (CXS) TC launches 29 April

Join us on Friday, 27 March at 11:00 EST / 15:00 UTC for a presentation on PKCS #11 v2.40.

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OASIS CEO weighs in on accomplishments and opportunities

OASIS is a not-for-profit consortium that brings people together to agree on intelligent ways to exchange information over the Internet and within their organizations. Read more...